Fleurs de Villes: FEMMES

Hudson Yards was blooming with floral sculptures of women throughout history



A flower sculpture in which former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt poses for the crowd.


The neighborhood of Hudson Yards is well-known for its modern architecture, filled to the brim with high-rise skyscrapers and housing sculptures such as the Edge. However, Hudson Yards has taken a greener turn with its recent exhibit Fleurs de Villes: FEMMES that was showcased from Oct. 7-16 at the Shops at Hudson Yards.

Fleurs de Villes uses all shapes and sizes of flowers to create art. With mannequins towering about 16 feet tall each, FEMMES is a tribute to inspirational women throughout history, ranging from Queen Elizabeth II to Fanny Brice, whose lives and legacies have had a vast impact on the world. It is a traveling exhibit and previously, this exhibit has been on display in cities such as Costa Mesa, Miami and Chicago. 

Witness the art of flowers in this photo essay, all taken in 35mm black-and-white film.