Women in Music: Dodie and Lizzy McAlpine

After such an enthralling, intimate performance at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, there’s no way Dodie could “Build a Problem” in New York City


You may recall the name “Dodie” from the sound credits of viral TikTok sounds such as “She” or “Monster,” as well from viral YouTube ukulele covers. This artist, however, demonstrates that she is more than just viral videos and songs by selling out six theaters and having low availability at seven theaters across the United States.

The acclaimed vocalist is currently performing their first album, “Build a Problem” (2021), around the United States and Europe, following its successful release in May of last year. Despite the 3,000-person capacity of the historic Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, Dodie and opener Lizzy McAlpine were able to produce an intimate and passionate concert filled with audience members singing at the top of their lungs and hugging their loved ones. Dodie, who usually dresses in custom-made items by local designers in each location she visits, did not disappoint in this performance, wearing a customized crop top with sleeves down to her feet by young fashion designer Emily Barker.

Throughout the night, no audience member could turn away from the concert’s lighting and set design, which included set pieces such as beds, desks and chairs and rainbow hues that illuminated the stage. There’s no way audience members could “Build a Problem” with this concert after such a theatrical and intimate performance.