Fitness Center in McMahon Hall Reopens After Long-Term Closure

Following a yearlong closure due to COVID-19 related restrictions, the gym underwent a ‘soft opening’ for student use



Students were excited about the reopening of the McMahon Hall fitness center on Sept. 13. Masks must still be worn at all times while in the gym.


The McMahon Hall Fitness Center officially reopened on Sept. 13 with extra COVID-19 precautions in place. Students who use the gym will be required to wear masks and utilize provided supplies to sanitize equipment after use. 

Access to the Fitness Center will remain the same as in previous years. Students can still enter the gym using their Fordham ID and are not required to sign up beforehand. 

Many students at Fordham Lincoln Center are excited about the reopening, particularly after the Fitness Center’s long-term closure during the 2020-21 academic year. 

Dana DeVries, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’23, used the gym regularly throughout her first year on campus and said she is eager to return to exercising on campus. 

“When it (the gym) wasn’t open, I kind of didn’t have a place to go because I didn’t want to pay for anything extra, so I’m glad it’s opening now,” DeVries said. 

DeVries said she is happy with the COVID-19-related restrictions Fordham currently has in place, such as routine deep cleaning of the fitness center, and hopes the university will continue to act with students’ well-being in mind. 

“I just hope that Fordham is looking out for me the same way I am looking out for me.” Dana DeVries, FCLC ’23

“I’m hoping Fordham is taking every precaution that they possibly can be taking, but I feel like it’s important for me to do that for myself anyway,” DeVries said. “I just hope that Fordham is looking out for me the same way I am looking out for me.” 

Fordham’s Facilities Operations and Kencal, an outside contractor, will administer deep cleanings in the fitness center twice daily. During these deep cleanings, all equipment will be washed down with an antibacterial disinfectant and bathrooms and locker rooms will be disinfected as well. 

girl working out in fitness center of McMahon hall
Students are finally allowed to exercise in the McMahon Fitness Center after more than a year of it being closed due to the pandemic. (ALICE MORENO)

Olive Fox, FCLC ’23 and a McMahon Hall resident, shared her appreciation for the work the university has done to ensure students’ safety in the gym, though she said she wishes there was more communication between Fordham and students regarding the reopening.

“I really wish that Fordham had sent out an email giving us information about the fact that the gym was opening,” Fox said, who learned about the reopening through a flyer posted near the McMahon Hall elevators. “I’m just concerned that they’re going to shut it down without any notice or any email.” 

Information about the gym reopening was included in an email from Laura Auricchio, FCLC dean, on Sept. 15. 

Jenifer Campbell, dean of students at Lincoln Center, said the university plans to ensure all health and safety requirements are being met by students who use the Fitness Center. 

“There will be spot checks of the facility in addition to the expectation that individuals will adhere to the protocol.”Jenifer Campbell, dean of students

There will be spot checks of the facility in addition to the expectation that individuals will adhere to the protocol,” Campbell said. “If infractions become egregious we may revisit use of the Fitness Center.” 

The university will follow New York City guidelines when it comes to determining whether or not the gym should close again, according to Campbell. 

She added that the university is in the process of providing students with information regarding use of the Fitness Center going forward.