Human Writes

Fordham students and members of FCLC’s chapter of Amnesty International write about human rights.

Published: October 21, 2010


By: Mario Weddell

He felt moved by something so profound he

couldn’t quite explain the extent of his

excitement. Yet even in the dark he knew what

the light meant. The light was hope, but

rather than show it, he kept it hidden like

a poet does before his work’s complete.

This was not a masterpiece, just a master

plan to stay standing firm and strong,

held by hands and arms taut like

rubber bands, a web of weary limbs so

entangled they held each other up.

Here was mass and here was movement.

Too big to put his finger on it,

best try and put his arms around it.

Embrace and be engulfed, feel spent and be supported.

A web of weary limbs that held each other up.


By: Alex Fauve

I envision the dimensions of her jaw

Her chin presses against my shoulder

At my shirt I feel her skin paw

My hand falls, the space no longer holds her


The clench of her hand gives way

The tickling warmth of her bone ascends

The cartilage of her nose decays

The calm whisp of her breaths far from me ends


The permeating subsides

My leaden wrists ache

The emptiness insidiously still lies

I nervously jerk to what later at stake it will dictate


By: Malaya Velasquez

Let’s say yes in a time where we only know no s

Let’s say yes when everyone thinks nothing can grow

From the cracks in cement, but the cracks can’t prevent

An overflow


Let’s say yes

Let’s say yes when we think the best, has reached the rest

But all we really do is shield our eyes from the test.


Drain gain driving us insane

Can we be at rest?

Nothing to do but hide their pain from our brain


Empty plate & dirty dishes, why sit here just making wishes?

When instead we could be making history,


Say yes to the movement, don’t run from defeat

Cause baby belief is the greatest leap:

It starts right here in what is ours

Who cares if they say between cracks can’t grow flowers.

So let’s say yes


By: Tom Wanielista

main(int goal) { assert(rights); }