Mind in a Daze


Published: October 7, 2010

And I’m doing it again, it never ends

Came back to her after all this time, but it was bittersweet

She has somebody, and jealousy seeps through my veins

She has it all man, beauty and brains

But when I saw her with him, felt like I got hit by a train

Heart pounding, chest thumping, mind in a daze, and body shaking

No one will stop me, her love is mine for the taking

Heart is breaking, passion emanating, daydreams elevating

She has me seeing the lights of New York City,

Hearing the train roll by, mind filled with pity

But that just makes me love it even more

Holding her hand, kissing those lips, thoughts that I implore,

Dreams that I don’t let go, caressing the memories I adore

Fair is foul, foul is fair, I don’t know what’s better

The scent of her hair, or the New York air?

Now just look at me, rambling about you over and over

Needing a bit more time, out of luck like a no leaf clover

Your thoughts put me in a drunken state even when I’m sober

You became my addiction, my infatuation

Putting pictures of you all over, a commemoration

Without you everyday is like a decapitation

This venture into love is no longer extrapolation

Killing me softly with kind determination

Showing the past for it’s worth, love and appreciation

I’m following the back of a great woman, giving respect and admiration

Pray that I get what I pine for, without humiliation,

Now have the best of both worlds, accepting assimilation.