Lucy Sutton/The Observer

Published: August 25, 2010

The gutters that my Grandpa
Fastened to the house of
My dreams
AND nightmares
Couldn’t hold the rain that poured
Like Jameson into my
One last shot
GlassI’m in college but I still
Stay after class,
Cleaning the erasers of my mind
Dirtied by the chalkboard writing
Of your lies

I remember when our cotton candy childhood
And stuck to our teeth and face
Becoming braces and zits
It took me years to pay the knowledge bills so I could get my brain’s light bulbs
Turned back on

Proactive Poetry
Invisalign Rhyme

But when I go to sleep
I’m in my cradle
And the mobile up above me
Blocking the moon’s illumination
Is Failure Fireflies
And Disappointment Dolphins

Yes We Can