Ram Jams: Anti-Valentine’s Music



A Valentine’s Day playlist doesn’t always need to lean on love songs.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a kid is fun and it makes you feel special, with everyone receiving special valentines and candy. Valentine’s Day as an adult, though, can be more like Singles’ Awareness Day or National Buy Expensive Chocolate and Flowers Day. If Valentine’s Day has you in a funk this year, or if you are feeling lonely, fear not; pop in your headphones or turn on your speaker and get this playlist blasting.

A reminder that you do not need anyone else to have fun:

  1. “So What” by P!nk

Valentine’s Day can be a letdown when you are single, but it does not mean you cannot have fun whatever your relationship status may be. So what if you are not currently in a relationship? You do not need anyone else to have a good time. P!nk will help you remember that you are better off without your last ex and motivate you to go out and live your life, no matter what day it is. This song is sure to pump you up and get you into the Anti-Valentine’s Day spirit. You are alright. You are just fine. You are ready to have more fun. 

For when you have had enough:

  1. “Take a Bow” by Rihanna

Even if you have not been in a relationship for a very long time, interactions with people just hurt sometimes. Listen to this song if you feel like someone just needs to be put in his or her place. Anti-Valentine’s Day is all about keeping what you need in your life and getting rid of what you do not. You do not need negativity in your life. This song is on the Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist to acknowledge the fact that the pain of the past is over now. 

To help you keep your head up:

  1. “Head Above Water” by Avril Lavigne

Sometimes, even being in a relationship, you just have to step back and say, “Hey, I can get through this on my own.” Lavigne portrays this message with the combination of her strong and potent voice in this song.

When you just need something to hit you in the feels:

  1. “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson

This is a powerful song, but also might make you want to cry. Clarkson has a way of portraying pain through rhythmic upbeat music. This song is a reminder that love is not always free, and you may be better off without it this so-called holiday. 

When you need to move forward but also reflect on your past:

  1. “She Used to be Mine” by Sara Bareilles 

This song, from the Broadway show “Waitress,” is about the pain that arises when someone hurts you and makes you question who you are. If no one blatantly says this to you this Anti-Valentine’s Day, you should know that you are loved. You can bring back that “fire in (your) eyes.” Even when you know this, though, there are some times when you just want to feel bad for yourself and wish you could go back to being younger, easier times. This song is on this playlist to remind you it is okay to feel this way every once in a while. Blasting this song while laying in bed crying and eating a pint of ice cream is totally valid this Anti-Valentine’s Day.

When you need some empowerment:

  1. “Rise Up” by Andra Day

Maybe you are not “broken down and tired” for any other reason than it is Friday and the week has worn you out. No matter how you are feeling, Day reminds everyone with her soft yet unshakable voice to rise up and keep believing in whatever it is you believe in. Rise up and make this Anti-Valentine’s Day worthwhile.

When you just need to breathe and let go:

  1. “Let it All Go” by Birdy and Rhodes

Everyone needs to just take a break and breathe every once in a while. “If you’re strong enough to let it in, you’re strong enough to let it go,” as Birdy and Rhodes say. This song is perfect for when you are looking for something calm yet suitable for blasting.

When you just want to join the Fordham Choir and belt it out:

  1. “Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez

This is just one of today’s finest pop songs that shows Selena Gomez still knows what’s up. This song was a must on this playlist, as Gomez’s soft voice combined with the captivating chorus can make anyone instantly feel more capable and chill. It is just one of those songs perfect for the next train ride, study session or night at home.

When you need a messy, gratifying cry:

  1. “Everywhere I Go” by Sleeping at Last

If Anti-Valentine’s Day puts you in a mood to cry, just to let those tears roll down your face, listen to Sleeping at Last. They have a way of creating beautiful music that pulls at every heartstring. The calm music in the beginning of this song leading up to the lead singer’s prevailing voice makes you feel like they are feeling exactly what you are feeling. The orchestra in the background of the song is the icing on top of the cake.

To finish on a positive, fresh note:

  1. “Clean” by Taylor Swift

This song is basically the end of your emotional storm. You went through your pumped-up phase, your rage, your contemplation and your sadness, and here you are. Listening to this song, you can imagine the windshield wipers of a car smoothly washing away any last traces of raindrops. The wipers gradually make way for a fresh, clean surface, with a positive beat softly playing in the background. 

Hopefully this is how you feel after listening to this playlist. Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day, fellow Rams.