Fordham Raises More Than $900,000 in One Day



Some donations were larger than others, but after a 1,841-minute Giving Day, Fordham made almost one million dollars.


Fordham’s Giving Day exceeded expectations in 2019 and raised a total of $933,689 — a record-breaking amount. More than 3,000 donated, nearly double the university’s goal of 1,841.

That particular number has its roots in Fordham’s founding year, 1841. A total of 1,841 minutes was allotted for students, parents, faculty, staff, friends, alumni and regional chapters to make their contributions.

Fordham encouraged donors by introducing a number of challenges within pre-giving day, day-long, and hourly periods. These challenges asked members of the community to post photos on social media in a variety of Fordham-related contexts, such as posing with a life-size cardboard cutout of Fordham’s mascot, Ramses the Ram, sharing pictures of future Rams in Fordham gear and posting old graduation photos. Benefactors selected their favorite post and, on behalf of each winner, matched their choice with donations ranging from $500 to $50,000.

The Big Giving Day Challenge, a day-long challenge fulfilled when a goal of 1,841 donors was reached, provided the largest donation amounting to $50,000. This challenge was endorsed by trustee Darlene Luccio Jordan, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) ’89, and Gerald R. Jordan, whose funds were credited toward scholarships and financial aid.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) received the second-largest donation of $25,000 from Elizabeth Burns, FCLC ’83 alumni. Burns’ contribution tied with an anonymous donor who donated to a separate fund. Burns doubled every dollar donated to the FCLC Scholarship Fund, finances awarded to exceptional students, up to $25,000. FCLC scholarships ranked fourth in donations, determined by dollars raised, receiving $42,755 from 88 donors.

Donors are able to designate their donations toward an area of their choice, but with Giving Day’s distinct focus on financial aid, the Fordham Fund received the most donations. Contributions toward the Fordham Fund support Faith & Hope: The Campaign for Financial Aid, an organization that supports students unable to afford tuition. 412 people donated, amounting to $153,999 of the campaign’s goal of $175 million.

Giving Day aims to raise money in support of programs, financial aid, and Fordham schools. Funds directly impact Fordham’s affordability by assisting in creating new scholarships for students. The donations also appeal to a variety of Fordham schools and programs including the School of Law, Graduate School of Social Services, and the Graduate School of Education.

In comparison to 2018, a 40 percent increase in funds was donated along with a 15 percent increase in donors. This year’s Giving Day included donors from the United States, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. The support for Fordham colleges is vast and evidently growing since Fordham’s first Giving Day, which raised $786,271, in 2017.