A Peek Into Fordham’s “Underground Press”




Although the Fordham Observer is probably the first place we students go (I know it is!) for our school news, breaking stories and whatnot, there are actually quite a few social media platforms where students can find not exactly the same kind of hard-hitting Fordham news, but it’s news enough. One thing is for sure, students at Fordham University whether it be FCLC, Rose Hill or Westchester certainly are creative and out-going and our string of various Fordham-themed Facebook pages and Twitter accounts prove that we are a thriving and gossipy bunch as well.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.39.31 PMWe all know the usual accounts like our main Fordham University  (@fordhamnotes) that gives us all of our news and major happenings at school. There’s also the Fordham Observer Twitter page (@fordhamobserver) and The Ram Twitter page (@thefordhamram), even our admissions office has a Twitter (@Fordham_Admis). What I was surprised to find though were some other Facebook and Twitter pages- our “underground press,” that are most likely student-run and equally as insightful and entertaining as our more serious news outlet.

Fordham Crushes is a Facebook page where students can anonymously tag their crush in a post.

Students can message statuses to the administrator and then have their update posted to the page with a tag for the person mentioned in the status. This is similar to our Fordham Compliments page on Facebook where students can anonymously send compliments to people via Facebook status update. Fordham Crushes (@FordhamCrushes) on Twitter appears to be inactive since 2013 but when it was active, students could anonymously tweet at their crushes by emailing the administrator for the page. I think it’s time that someone brings it back.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.06.37 PMAnother Fordham Facebook page that is inspiring and always a good read is Humans of Fordham University. Modeled after the famed Humans of New York Facebook account catalogues heartfelt and moving stories of people on the streets of NYC, Humans of Fordham University does exactly the same within the Fordham campuses.

The Humans of Fordham University Facebook page offers a variety of stories about the Fordham Community. From chronicling the stories of some of our most courageous students to funny, quirky tidbits of students doing things on campus, this page reminds us just how special our students here at Fordham University are.

I also happened to come across an account entirely dedicated to students eating bananas (@FUbananaeaters). Clearly students at Fordham University are passionate about potassium.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.43.38 PM

Even at our beloved university, it is inevitable that students will become frustrated by all things having to do with early morning construction, registration and finals an Fordham Pains can be the perfect place to vent.

The list goes on but students were once able to tweet at Fordham Pains (@FordhamPains) to have their frustrations heard. It is highly doubtful that students stopped having frustrations back in 2013, so again Fordham Community, someone bring that back!

After going through these Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and discovering a little more about our little-known “underground press” here at Fordham, it has been utterly entertaining to read some gossip, explore some interesting pictures and see that the Fordham community stays healthy by eating their bananas. I would tweet to @FordhamPains about this if I could, but I seriously wish that a few these accounts could get some new administrators and fill our lives again with some rich Fordham gossip and pictures from never-boring life here at Fordham University!