The Observer Welcomes New Administration


Dr. Jason Greif 

Position: Assistant Dean for Juniors and Transfers

Previous Position: Training coordinator at Counseling Services at Rose Hill

Observer: What do you hope to gain from your new position at Lincoln Center?

JG: I wanted to be able to work with students in a different capacity. As a dean, I feel [I have] much more access to more of the university, whereas in counseling, everything is confidential by nature.

Observer: What do you like best about working downtown now?

JG: I like being in the heart of the city. The campus here is more contained and not as spread out, too. If I need to go to another office, I take the elevator.

Observer: Where’s the best slice of pizza in New York?

JG: I live on the Upper East Side, so I would say Mike’s Pizza, out of convenience.


Jennifer Campbell

Position: Director of Residential Life

Previous Position: Director of Residential Life at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Observer: What are your responsibilities as Director of Residential Life?

JC: Basically, I am responsible for complete Residential Life programming. The day-to-day operations, supervising and managing staff, and making certain all programs and activities relating to Residential Life are managed in the way we want.

Observer: What do you hope to accomplish in your new position?

JC: I hope to be able to move the program forward and add more services and possibilities to students in terms of programming and support. [I’d like to] add more programs, keep up to date with student’s needs, [and] be more cognizant of the changing needs of students.

Observer: Looking back on your college experience, what was your favorite or funniest moment in the residence halls?

JC: It was probably during my freshman year. There was a snowstorm in D.C. during finals week.  We went “snowboarding” with cafeteria trays on the hill outside the dining halls.


James Robilotta

Position: Resident Director for Freshmen

Previous Position: Graduate Assistantship as Resident Director at Clemson University

Observer: What are your responsibilities as Resident Director for Freshmen?

JR: I am responsible for the primary leadership and supervision of the approximately 200 freshman students that live in McMahon Hall.

Observer: What do you hope to accomplish in your new position?

JR: I hope to challenge and support students to step out of their comfort zones to grow academically, personally, and socially. In doing this, hopefully the students will become more globally aware and civically engaged.

Observer: In your opinion, who serves the best slice of pizza in the city?

JR: Rose’s in Penn Station—their chicken parm pizza is stupidly good.


Bridget Lynch

Position: Associate Director for Transition Year Experience

Previous Position: Worked in Residential Life at Georgetown University

Observer: Can you explain your position in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development (OSL&CD)?

BL: It’s an effort to develop and maintain productivity from students in transition from when they move in, to when they leave. I’ll be working on New Student Orientation, Freshmen Symposium, FUEL, senior transition programs and Senior Week, and we will be incorporating more programs for transfers.

Observer: Where do you commute from?

BL: Astoria, Queens.

Observer: What do you hope to gain from your position?

BL: I hope to gain student contact with FCLC students and acquire knowledge of the needs of students in transition periods in their college career.


Megan Siemers

Position: Assistant Director for Programming

Previous Position: Student-Athlete Academic Advising intern at Rose Hill

Observer: What exactly will you be doing with programming here?

MS: I’ll be doing programming with alcohol and drug education. I will be the PARTY and CAB advisor, and an advisor for anyone else who needs paperwork help, or anything, really. My door is always open.

Observer: Where did you attend college?

MS: I did my undergrad at the University of Hartford and my master’s at Springfield College.

Observer: Have you had any “New York moments” yet?

MS: Trying to catch the train at any time possible is my New York moment.


Samantha Joseph

Position: Graduate Intern for Programming

Observer: What will you be doing as graduate intern?

SJ: I will be the advisor for SPARC and FACE and I will be coordinating leadership weekend.

Observer: Where did you go to college?

SJ: I graduated from NYU in 2006, and now I’m going to NYU for their Higher Education and Administration program, which is why I am interning here.

Observer: What is your craziest New York moment?

SJ: Last year I was working at a soup kitchen doing community service with sororities, and I’m serving food, and some guy came up to me and said, “Will you marry me?”


Kevin Grubb

Position: Graduate Intern for Commuter Student Services

Observer: What are some of your responsibilities as a graduate intern?

KG: I’m in charge of advising CSA, which is the Commuting Students Association. I’m also in charge of running all the Commuter Thursday Breakfasts. Anything that the Commuter Student Services does out of the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development—that’s me. I’m also advising the Spring Fling Committee next spring, so I’m sort of helping out the office in any way I can.

Observer: Where are you a graduate student?

KG: At NYU’s Higher Education and Administration program.

Observer: What do you hope to accomplish in your position?

KG: My major goal is to establish relationships with as many commuting students as possible. I think it’s very important that commuting students get recognized on campus.

Observer: Where is your favorite place to eat in NYC?

KG: I haven’t done it yet, but I’d love to do a picnic in Central Park. I think it’d be really fun. I’m still kind of old-fashioned; I like to pack my lunch.