Rose Hill Alum Josh Arcadia To Be Remembered at Comedy Benefit Show


When Alexander “Josh” Arcadia, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) ’07, was diagnosed with clear cell carcinoma, a type of cancer, in 2008, the doctors gave him three to six months to live. Josh did everything he could to prolong his life, including having his arm amputated, but on Jan. 28, he lost his battle with cancer after a two-year struggle. Josh, an outgoing and passionate young man, is remembered by friends and family for his unique, burgeoning comedic talent.

Shortly after Josh was diagnosed with cancer, he began to pursue a career in comedy. “After Josh had his arm removed,” said younger brother Ryan Arcadia, “he was lying in the hospital bed and he looked up at my dad and told him, ‘I think I’m going to try comedy.’”

Josh’s passion for comedy has inspired his friends and fellow comedians to hold a comedy benefit in his honor on March 29.

In pursuit of his love for stand-up comedy, while Josh was on medical leave from his job in the Operations Department at Barclay’s Capital, he joined the Manhattan Comedy School. “It’s basically comedy college for comedians,” Teddy Pazik, a friend and business partner said. “I met Josh in class and I was wearing a wrestling shirt. He wrestled in high school so we started talking about it, and from then on, it was full steam ahead.”

While Josh attended Rose Hill, he often took the Ram Van into Manhattan to see comedy shows at the Comedy Cellar and Caroline’s. After doing stand-up at a comedy club, the producer repeatedly asked him back and he kept performing.

Josh and Pazik soon started a management company representing comedians and were also attempting to open up a comedy club.

“Josh’s comedy was about his observations and his experiences,” Vicki Von Tassel, a friend and comedian said. “He didn’t want to go into the cancer. He had to address losing his arm, but he didn’t want it to be the focus of his stand-up.”

Fellow comedians said that Josh was always trying edgy comedy. “He kept it fashionable and not too inappropriate, not too much swearing,” Pazik said. “He made light of [awkward] situations like suggesting a law banning girls younger than 18 from wearing stretchy pants and UGGs because he couldn’t help but look.”

Pazik said that Josh left a big impact on the comedy scene after only a short time. As a result, Josh’s comedy benefit will include comedians Ted Alexandro, Wali Collins, Adrienne Iapalucci, Vladimir Caamano, Ken Krantz with Teddy Pazik, Sergio Chicon, and Joseph Vecsey.

The event will be hosted by comedian Kenny Garcia with all proceeds benefiting Josh’s former football teams at Lawrenceville High School and Fordham University.

While attending Fordham, Josh spent most of his time on the football field. However, according to Ryan Arcadia, “Josh took full advantage of everything. He played football, did service trips to San Diego with Global Outreach and he loved spending time in the city.”

“Josh excelled in everything,” Pazik said. “Sports, school, comedy. I’ve never met a more amazing person.”

If You Go:

Josh Arcadia Comedy Benefit

When: Tues., March 29 at 8:30 p.m.

Where: The Eastville Comedy Club, 85 E. 4 Street

Price: $10 cover, two-drink minimum