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two students on Instagram Live during the town hall, with a comments bar next to them

ASILI Holds Town Hall on Racial Issues at Fordham

June 5, 2020

On June 3, ASILI, the Black Student Alliance (BSA) at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, hosted a discussion regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Students display their views of social and physical change in the Senior Highlights Exhibition. (Sarah Howard / The Observer)

Seniors Exhibit Work in Fordham Galleries (Lipani Gallery)

December 22, 2014

By HA-YOUNG GLORIA JUNGStaff WriterPublished: December 10, 2014 When you think of “art,” do neon lights and feminism come to mind? On Dec. 10 at Fordh...

Alexander Jahani, FCLC ’15, uses LED light bulbs in the exhibition “Suspension Points.” (Jason Boit / The Observer)

Seniors Exhibit Work in Fordham Galleries (Ildiko Butler Gallery)

December 22, 2014

By RAMONA VENTURANZAArts & Culture EditorPublished: December 10, 2014 From old-fashioned to modern modes of communication, ranging from postcards to Facebook, there s...

Left to Right: President of College Republicans Luke Zaro, James O'Keefe and President of ASILI Tochi Mgbenwelu. (Ian McKenna/The Observer)

College Republicans and ASILI to Co-Host Event

October 24, 2013

By IAN McKENNA Editor-in-Chief Published: October 24, 2013 Luke Zaro, Fordham College at Ros...