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New ASILI Demands Target Public Safety and RAs

September 15, 2020

ASILI, the Black Student Alliance at Rose Hill, is calling for anti-racist reforms at Fordham’s Public Safety Department and Office of Residential Life in an updated list of demands.

Students quarantining in the dorms were not allowed to leave for any reason after their initial arrival, so they had to buy enough grocieries for two weeks. In McKeon, a food delivery system was put in place.

ResLife Quarantines on Campus

August 25, 2020

While students from restricted states are required to quarantine off-campus for two weeks before arriving on campus RAs, RFMs and OLs have been able to quarantine on campus. 

birth control pills in their package

Controlling Sexual Health On Campus

July 28, 2020

Sexual education and the need for birth control have been neglected by Fordham due to its Jesuit affiliation.

After petitioning for larger meal checks, McMahon student staff no longer have to worry about finding affordable food.

McMahon Student Staff Petitioned Unequal Meal Checks

December 4, 2019

McMahon Hall Resident Assistants (RAs) and Resident Freshmen Mentors (RFMs) have received a $1,880 increase in meal compensation as a result of petitioning unequal pay in comparison with Rose Hill student staff.

Student staff claim mistrust and toxic working relationships cause high levels of stress and anxiety.

RAs Reveal the Reality of Working for ResLife

May 1, 2019

Working for ResLife comes with many responsibilities. Yet the hostile working environment, lack of communication and poor treatment of staff has resulted in students speaking out about the reality of their experiences working for Residential Life.

Dean of Students Keith Eldredge said that

Transgender Housing Rights Still Not Secure At Fordham

April 10, 2019

Jenifer Campbell, senior director of residential life, explained that the office works with transgender students on a case-by-case basis.