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Obama’s Crusade to Obfuscate Militant Islam

February 26, 2015

By DYLAN REILLY Opinions Co-EditorPublished: February 26, 2015 On Feb. 2, President Obama made some pecu...

Point: The Answer in Iraq Is Not Military Action

Point: The Answer in Iraq Is Not Military Action

August 28, 2014

By GUNAR OLSENStaff WriterPublished: August 28, 2014 “Iraq’s future will be in the hands of its people. America’s war in Iraq will be over,” President Obama announced to troops at the Fort Br...

Counterpoint: Kurdistan Has a Future, Not a United Iraq

Counterpoint: Kurdistan Has a Future, Not a United Iraq

August 28, 2014

By DYLAN REILLYAsst. Opinions EditorPublished: August 28, 2014 The Iraq question is back a third ...

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Obama Can Survive Marijuana Legalization

February 12, 2014

By RACHEL SHMULEVICH Opinions Editor Published: February 12, 2014 In President Barack Obama’s Jan. 27 interview with the New Yorker, he let slip that he believed...

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This Year is The Year To Move Forward

February 8, 2014

By MEGAN FLYNN Contributing Writer Published: February 8, 2014 On Jan. 28, President Barack Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union address in which he...

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To Push Forward U.S. Agenda, Obama Must Attend Winter Games

January 30, 2014

By FREDERIC ADOR Staff Writer Published: January 30, 2014 Every four years, the world gathers to watch athletes compete in the Olympic Winter Games, and this ye...

The Government Needs to Start Treating Science as Essential

November 2, 2013

                            By FREDERIC ADOR Contributing Writer Published: October 30, 2013 In his January 2009 Inaugural Address, President Barack Obama recognized the importance of science in today’s society and promis...

President Barack Obama delivers his inauguration speech during his second inauguration at the West Front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., January 21, 2013. (Alex Garcia/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Obama Begins Second Term With Diverse Ceremonies

January 21, 2013

By GABRIELA MENDEZ-NOVOA News Editor Published: January 21, 2013 President Obama publicly began his second term in office in today’s inaugural ceremony. Obama chose Cuban...


President Obama Sworn In for Second Term

January 21, 2013

By HARRY HUGGINS Editor-in-Chief Published: January 20, 2013 Barack Obama was sworn into his second term as president Sunday, Jan. 20, in a small ceremony with h...

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Playing By the Rules

November 30, 2012

Controversies over drone usage have some questioning Obama’s hypocritical stance on the subject. ...

Jay Pharoah and Jason Sudeikis take on the roles of President Obama and Mitt Romney all during election season. (Courtesy of NBC/Dana Edelson/NBC)

Has Political Satire Gone Too Far?

October 19, 2012

By NINA GUIDICE Asst. Blog Editor Published: October 19, 2012 Everyone's a comedian in an election year; it's every satirist's favorite sea...

Campaigns Push Aside Student Issues

October 17, 2012

By GABRIELA MENDEZ-NOVOA Asst. News Editor Published: October 17, 2012 President Barack Obama’s campaign is more focused on higher education than Mitt Romney’s, according to a study by the Wesleyan Media Project released last week. Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) political science majors and faculty discusse...