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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Students Should Be Allowed To Cite Wikipedia

May 2, 2014
Wikipedia: It’s the crowdsourced knowledge engine that’s free to read, write and edit for everyone. It’s the collaborative project of over 300,000 people writing in 287 languages. But it’s more than that: It’s a taboo.
Responsible voters should make their decision for mayorial candidate based on the candidate’s platform, not a perverted tweet. (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Sext or No Sext, Weiner Shouldn’t Become Mayor

May 1, 2013
In June 2011, the media preoccupied itself with its latest political scandal—Anthony Weiner, former representative of New York’s 9th Congressional District in the House of Representatives, had (as every news source made sure to joke) exposed too much wiener.
Newly elected Pope Francis I addresses a crowd at the middle balcony of St. Peters Basilica. (Maurizio Brambatti/Ansa/Zuma Press/MCT)

New Pope Must Modernize Church Theology

March 13, 2013
All-male priesthood, priestly celibacy and abstinence-only teachings aren’t simply outdated: they are ill founded and alienating to the Church’s own faithful followers.
Blame Game Looms Over American Economy

Blame Game Looms Over American Economy

February 27, 2013
“Obama…is using [the sequester] to scare the American people and manipulate Congress Republicans into doing anything he says to avoid the cuts.”
With the government increasingly using drones in combat, the privacy of American citizens is at stake. (Jon Krause/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Our Governmet Should Not Be Trusted With Domestic Drones

February 20, 2013
As another State of the Union Address has come and gone, President Barack Obama’s promises—to close the Guantanamo Bay camp and to stop federal racial profiling—lie where he shelved them.
(Don Bartletti/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Playing By the Rules

November 30, 2012
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aptly termed “drones,” appeal to my inner utilitarian. These pilotless planes, controlled by remote navigators, allow the U.S. military to strike anywhere in the world without losing a soldier.
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