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Fordham Closes on $50 Million Space Near LC

August 28, 2014

By ADRIANA GALINAAsst. News EditorPublished: August 28, 2014 On Tuesday, July 22, Fordham officially purch...

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Provost Holds Forum on Budget Constraints

January 25, 2013

By HARRY HUGGINS Editor-in-Chief Published: January 25, 2013 Stephen Freedman, provost of Fordham, hosted a conversation with faculty and administrators at Fordham Coll...

Study Group Formed to Explore Pathways Program

November 14, 2012

By HARRY HUGGINS Editor-in-Chief Published: November 28, 2012 Although no decisions have been made at this time, a new academic program combining courses from both the undergraduate and graduate schools at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) is being considered as part of the expansion of FCLC in 2014. According to Ste...

Expansion Decision Prompts Action

March 28, 2012

By HARRY HUGGINS with reporting by FAITH HEAPHY, MONIQUE JOHN, and LAURA CHANG News Co-Editor with Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and News Co-Editor Published: March 28, 2012 Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) faculty and many student leaders are disappointed in the way the university administration decided to realloc...

Fordham Encourages Students To Voice Their Support for the Master Plan

June 12, 2011

By Kathryn Feeney Asst. News Editor Published: February 26, 2009 In reaction to the community’s rejection of the Master Plan, Fordham is actively informing students about the details of the plan, as well as encouraging them to voice their support. In response to a request from Keith Eldredge, dean of stu...

Master Expansion Plan Set Into Action

June 6, 2011

City Planning Commission Certifies Fordham’s Master Plan By Ashley Tedesco Asst. News Editor Published: December 11, 2008 Fordham’s “Master Plan” for expansion was certified by the City Planning Commission on Nov. 17, and the school has begun the seven-month-long Uniform Land Use Review Procedure process, accordi...

Local Community Questions Sale to Private Developers

May 28, 2011

Critics Say the Sale is Immoral for a Jesuit University   By Kate Cusimano Asst. News Editor Published: October 25, 2007 FCLC—It is no secret that Fordham University’s proposed Master Plan to expand its Lincoln Center campus has caused controversy in the community. The local community’s critici...

The ‘Fortress’ is Coming


May 27, 2011

Published: September 27, 2007 A public hearing held by the city’s Department of City Planning on Sept. 10 made it clear that the community surrounding the Lincoln Center campus is not pleased with the university’s expansion plans.  Most people who spoke said that they will be living in a ‘fortress’ if Fordham goes ...