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New Yorkers can neither apply for Global Entry nor renew their membership due to a disagreement between the Trump Administration and New York State over immigration.

Cuomo Fights Global Entry Ban

February 19, 2020

After the Trump administration barred New Yorkers from Global Entry, New York state residents planning to renew or apply for enrollment in a trusted-traveler program will potentially have to wait. A new “Greenlight” law has put New York in the crosshairs of the anti-immigration Trump administration, which barred New Yorkers from applying for and renewing their Global Entry status in response to the law shielding DMV records from immigration authorities.

Souly Had has built his brand on experimenting with sound but ultimately developing his own.

‘Sound Like Yourself’: An Interview with Souly Had

August 13, 2019

R&B singer Souly Had went from posting an Amy Winehouse cover to being signed by her record label.