Staying Active on Campus Just Became Easier


The Taekwondo Club helps students stay physically active, while learning martial arts. (SOPHIE DAWSON/THE OBSERVER)


Many things set apart the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. The Rose Hill campus is in the heart of the Bronx, rooted in the culture of Fordham Road. The Lincoln Center campus, on the other hand, is in the center of Manhattan and only one block away from Central Park. One major difference that stands out is that the Lincoln Center campus lacks the athletic facilities and teams that Rose Hill boasts. Sure, Lincoln Center students can exercise in the gym in McMahon or participate in Intramurals at the Bronx campus, but Lincoln Center is more closely associated with health, fitness and wellness. Luckily, the Lincoln Center campus has quite a few clubs and organizations that students can join to stay healthy and also learn more about the body as a whole.

Below are some of the clubs on the Lincoln Center campus that relate to health, fitness and wellness.


Active Minds focuses on furthering the conversation of student mental health on the Lincoln Center campus. Club President, Lauriann Kormylo, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’18, stated, “We want to be a resource for students who are interested in mental health advocacy because we believe everyone has something valuable to contribute.”
Kormylo assured that Active Minds is not a support group. She articulated, “[We] advocate for increasing conversation and awareness, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health on college campuses.”

“[We] advocate for increasing conversation and awareness, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health on college campuses.”

Active Minds sponsors numerous events throughout the semester. This semester, the club started with “Cupcakes on the Plaza.” The club is looking to have a “Happy Mondays” series each week. Kormylo explained, “This series focuses on helping students to have happy Mondays, because when you start your week off in a good mindset, then you’ll be better able to handle whatever stresses you encounter during the week.” TKormylo attested that the club’s focus is informing its members and the campus as a whole about mental health. “Our club is very specifically focused on helping increase awareness of how to take care of mental health, and staying physically healthy can play an important role in mental health,” Kormylo said.

Active Minds is open to welcoming new members. Students interested in joining can attend the weekly meetings every Tuesday in 140 West Room G72. Meetings are held from 12:30 p.m. till 1:30 p.m. “Even if you have to come in late or leave early for class, everyone is welcome to join us at our meetings and contribute to the conversation,” Kormylo said.


BeWell LC takes a different approach in spreading the importance of staying healthy. Formerly known as the Lincoln Center Health and Wellness Organization, this semester the club changed its name to BeWell LC. The club’s president, Sophia Scott, FCLC ’18, commented on this name change, stating, “We saw this name change as an important step in better marketing ourselves and encouraging the group’s continued growth.”

“BeWell LC plans events on and off campus that promote the holistic well-being of Fordham undergraduates. Some of these are small-scale events—like ‘Shred Your Stress’—that are organized and executed by our Wellness Educators and general club members and take place monthly. Others, like the Interactive Apartment Party and Fordham’s Amazing Race, are large-scale and are planned by all members of the group.”

Scott emphasized that the club’s goal is not to dictate to its members what to do and what not to do. “We are believers in informed decision making, which means giving students who decide to partake in activities that can affect health and wellness, facts that enable them to make choices that best suit them,” she said. Regarding the role health and fitness plays in the club, she articulated, “Health and fitness is at the forefront of BeWell LC’s focus. Whether it be health related to stress, nutrition, alcohol, drugs, sleep—you name it, we’ll plan an event pertaining to it.”

Students interested in joining BeWell LC can attend the club’s meeting on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. in LL 902.

Yoga & Mindfulness

The Yoga & Mindfulness club seeks to utilize mindfulness, meditation and yoga in order to help its members reach a better state of health. Gillian Bashaw, FCLC ‘18, president of the club, stated, “I would love for everyone to know our club is open to all levels. Some of us have been doing yoga for years. Others started coming to club meetings simply because they were interested in finding out more about yoga and mindfulness practices.”

Our club revolves around the idea of creating a healthy relationship between a strong body and a strong mind.

Yoga may be an unorthodox form of exercising for some. However, according to Bashaw, it is “a fantastic stress reliever.” She added, “The ability to attend free classes in New York City right on campus is a great opportunity, especially if you haven’t tried yoga before.”

The Yoga & Mindfulness club takes part in vinyasa yoga practices. This form of yoga promotes lean muscles, increased flexibility and blood flow, enhanced breathing habits and strengthened mental clarity. All these benefits lead to a decrease in stress.

“Our club revolves around the idea of creating a healthy relationship between a strong body and a strong mind. As we increase our yoga capabilities, be it in the ability to try out a new pose or experiment with a new breathing technique, we’re also training our minds to be respectful,” Bashaw said.

The Yoga & Mindfulness club is actively looking for new members. The club hosts weekly hour-long yoga sessions. Classes usually begin with a mindfulness discussion based off the teachings of the yoga instructor, HanaKyle Moranz. Students interested in joining can attend the weekly meetings every Wednesday from 5:45–6:45 p.m. in McMahon 205/206.

Taekwondo Club

Another group on campus which focuses on students staying physically active is the Taekwondo Club. “The Taekwondo Club is not just a club where students can learn techniques and practical self-defense tactics: it is a club where every member has a positive experience getting to know other students on campus,” Scott Hendrick, Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center (GSBLC) ’18, said. Hendrick, president of the club, continued, “Our club provides a safe and fun environment where students of any fitness level can come and improve their health and find a new and rewarding passion.”

Students who join this club learn the martial art of Taekwondo; this sport requires two forms of physical practice. “One is through learning and demonstrating forms which involve balance and strength in order to properly recreate the different poses,” Hendrick said. “The second is mastering self-control while simultaneously using the techniques learned over the past few weeks in non-contact sparring, which is known as freestyle.” By implementing these two forms, students can practice Taekwondo in a safe environment, while also enjoying the martial art.

Hendrick attested that health and fitness plays a major role in the club. Weekly sessions help its members improve their health, strength and conditioning. Hendrick added, “Taekwondo believes in the importance of the mind, spirit and body, and our club is a great way to maintain or attain a high level of fitness.”

The club hosts weekly Tuesday night practices in McMahon room 205/206 where Pat Natoli, a fifth-degree black belt in Taekwondo, leads the club. The sessions meet from 8–9:30 p.m. Students interested can attend the weekly sessions.