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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Calling All Peeps: We’ve Done the Hunt for the Best Easter Treats

July 5, 2011

Published: April 1, 2010 Easter is just around the corner and every confectionary company out there has something special for your sweet tooth. From chocolate bunnies and dinosaur eggs, to marshmallow...

Five Trip Options For Spring Break Procrastinators

June 28, 2011

Published February 18, 2010 Spring break is just around the corner and while the committed spring breakers have their destination plans all set and ready to go for the big week, others are sweating...

Celebrate the Holidays With Some Lesser-Known Attractions

June 28, 2011

Published: December 10, 2009 Once Thanksgiving ends, the holiday season hits full force. Decorations suddenly appear in every window, lights are strung over the trees and Christmas carols ring loud...

Q&A With FUrez Hilton: A Look at Post-Fordham Life

June 4, 2011

Published: October 16, 2008 Every day for the past two years, Fordham students from Lincoln Center and Rose Hill have united through reading the trashiest, yet most hilarious digital “rag mag”...

Stuck with Flight Delays? Ways to Play

June 3, 2011

Published: May 1, 2008 Somehow we all seem to find ourselves stuck at airports for one reason or another: bad weather, gas shortages, terror threats, damaged plane parts and so on. Just a few weeks...

Valentine Man Hunt: A Fordham Girl’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right (And We Promise He Won’t Be Gay)

June 1, 2011

Published: Febrary 14, 2008 Valentine’s Day can be a perfect day for couples to show their feelings of devotion and passion. Yet simultaneously, it may inspire singles and exes alike to express their...

Classic with a Twist: Pizza Dip to Please Every Palate

June 1, 2011

Published: January 31, 2008 Pizza is the go-to college food for a student on a tight budget, right? But you can have only so much pizza before it gets boring and/or sickening. Thankfully, this zesty...

The Perfect Pie to Cure Holiday Hunger

May 30, 2011

Published: November 15, 2007 Thanksgiving is about family, friends and food; the three best “F” words.  It’s also about being grateful for all of the things you have, and more importantly, the...

The Great Escape: Your Guide to Everyday Getaways In NYC

May 27, 2011

Published: October 11, 2007 Between midterms and papers, October is the month when you finally settle into school routines. It is also the time when homesickness  can set in. You may be...

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