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The Rose Hill gym provides a quality workout, but may not be worth the trip for Lincoln Center students.

Which Gym Is Fit for You?

January 22, 2020

Based on different convenience factors, there are four main gyms best suited for Fordham Lincoln Center students. The West Side YMCA, the free student gyms at the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses and the Vince Lombardi Center all have something different to offer Rams looking to get fit.

Booze Won't Help You Lose

Booze Won’t Help You Lose

January 22, 2020

Nutrition labels may not be provided on alcoholic drinks, but that doesn't mean the calories don't count.

Understanding how to use an EpiPen is the first step to being considerate of friends with severe allergies.

A Guide to Dining with Severely Allergic Friends

December 4, 2019

Dining with friends who have severe food allergies is no joke. Simple steps like learning how to use an EpiPen or just checking in with you your friend can help to make the experience less stressful.

Mind Your Ears When You Mind the Gap: Hearing Loss Facts

Mind Your Ears When You Mind the Gap: Hearing Loss Facts

December 4, 2019

According to the National Institutes of Health, noise-induced hearing loss affects somewhere between 10% to 24% of Americans. As a student at Fordham Lincoln Center, you may be more at risk than you think.

Herpes is a highly common sexually transmitted infection (STI). About 1 in 6 American Adults have genital herpes.

How Herpes Affects the Fordham Community

October 30, 2019

With help from Director of University Health Services, Maureen Keown, The Observer discusses the stigma around herpes using survey results and brings to light the prognosis of the STI.

Ben Guo, Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center ’21 usually eats out about twice a day four to five times a week.

Dining In vs. Dining Out from a Health Perspective

October 30, 2019

Whether you choose to dine in or out, it’s important to stay mindful about the food you’re eating. Striking a balance between treating yourself to a meal out and finding a few recipes you like to cook at home is important when it comes to knowing what you’re putting into your body without breaking the bank. 

Johannes Pieles, Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill (GSBRH) ’20, gets past a defender and attempts a header.

Men’s Soccer Saved by Last-Minute Double Overtime Goal

October 2, 2019

Courtesy of Fordham Athletics Johannes Pieles, Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill (GSBRH) ’20, gets past a defender and attempts a header.

Federal law requires calorie counts to be reported on food labels. However, these values are not always indicative of nutritional value.

Caloric Confusion Causes Consumption Conundrums

October 2, 2019

Contributing writer Maggie McNamara investigates the meaning of the calorie and how it squares up against whole foods and clean, simple ingredients.

Anne Chen graduated in 2017 from FCLC. Now, she’s a medical student at Stony Brook University.

Anne Chen: From FCLC Student to Med Student

September 18, 2019

Preparing for medical school does not need to be as stressful as many people make it. Medical student Anne Chen, FCLC ’17, recommends “Just do your best and learn what you can, and if you have the passion and dedication, you will make it to medical school.”

Juice Generation, located near Columbus Circle, is a great place to pick up a healthy and filling smoothie.

Healthiest Places to Eat around LC

September 18, 2019

Back on campus and already bored of the dining hall’s salad bar and smoothies from the Ram Cafe? Fear not! Take a look at Sports and Health editor Luke Osborn’s guide to navigating the best healthy restaurants around LC.

Karel Van Bourgondien, FCLC '21, working on an anti-Hepatitis C agent in a chemistry lab in John Mulcahy Hall at Rose Hill.

Fordham Student Researchers Share Their Summer Experience

August 25, 2019

Every summer, Lincoln Center science students research with their professors in various science disciplines. Four of these students talked with Assistant Sports & Health Editor Aiza Bhuiyan about the research they did this summer.

To train, Pang ran in subzero temperatures above the Arctic Circle.

North Pole Marathon Frozen by Political Conflict

April 30, 2019

Last month, Jonathan Pang, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’19, traveled to the arctic to compete in the North Pole Marathon. Unfortunately, due to political conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the race was cancelled. Pang is excited to return to the race next year.