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a set of small crossword grids

Mini Crossword: Wednesday

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS February 10, 2021
Play The Observer's interactive mini crossword from Volume XLI, Issue 1, February 2021.
hearts on a pink background, one of three valentines day zoom backgrounds

Virtual Valentine’s Day Zoom Backgrounds

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS February 9, 2021
Download these virtual backgrounds for Valentine's Day.
blank crossword grid

Crossword Issue 20: Hidden Figures

By GRACE GETMAN December 2, 2020
Play The Observer's interactive online crossword puzzle fro Volume XL, Issue 20. Title: Hidden Figures. Powered by PuzzleMe.
black friday themed maze with red dots and a box in the center

Black Friday Maze

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS November 27, 2020
Prepare for the holiday shopping season with this Black Friday maze. Find your way to the center to pick up the gift of your festive dreams.
trees with leaves changing in the fall

Autumn Word Search

By GILLIAN RUSSO October 28, 2020
Can you find them all?
blank crossword grid

Crossword Issue 18: Politicalories

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS October 28, 2020
Play The Observer's election issue interactive crossword puzzle.
someone holding an apple at an apple orchard

Apple Orchard Word Search

By GILLIAN RUSSO October 18, 2020

Find the names of New York orchards in this grid, and you might just find your next apple-picking destination. Check out Issue 17 of The Observer on Issuu for an advanced version of this puzzle with an...

blank crossword grid

Crossword Issue 17: Down to the Funny Bone

By GRACE GETMAN October 14, 2020
Hint: To get in the "spirit" of fun, you might have to be "gravely" serious.
blank mad libs puzzle

Ram Libs: Breaking News

By GILLIAN RUSSO September 29, 2020
Get crafty with words and make front page news by filling in the blanks of this story.
blank crossword grid

Crossword Issue 16: Fortune’s Fools

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS September 29, 2020
Hint: The circled letters (in order) reveal the theme of the puzzle.
blank crossword grid with yellow blocks

Crossword Issue 15: Off to See Wizardconsin

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS September 17, 2020
Play The Observer's interactive crossword puzzle from Issue 15, "Off to See Wizardconsin." Powered by PuzzleMe.