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February Horoscopes

February Horoscopes

By PRISKA MOHUNSINGH February 5, 2020
Happy Lunar New Year! Read about the coming weeks according to your zodiac sign, based on the year of your birth.
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Crossword Issue 2: Dramatic Irony

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS February 5, 2020
Play the Issue 2 crossword here.
blank crossword grid, 5 by 5

Mini Crossword

Play the mini crossword here.
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Crossword Issue 1: Under the Circumstances

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS January 22, 2020
Hint: Together, each pair of highlighted words makes a phrase hinted at by the title.
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Crossword: 2020 Questions

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS January 13, 2020
Happy New Year!
January Horoscopes

January Horoscopes

By PRISKA MOHUNSINGH January 13, 2020
Check the latest horoscope for what's awaiting you this month.
Happy holidays from New York! Did you know there are 50,000 LED lights wrapped around the tree in Rockefeller Center?

Six Fun Holiday Facts

By JILL RICE December 31, 2019
'Tis the season to catch up with friends and family, and these fun facts are the just the way to start a conversation.
Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles

Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS December 18, 2019
Complete The Observer's Fordham themed holiday jigsaw puzzles!
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Crossword Issue 14: Keep It Cool

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS December 4, 2019
Play The Observer's Issue 14 crossword.
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Crossword Issue 13: Fowl Language

By ESMÉ BLEECKER-ADAMS November 13, 2019
Play The Observer's Issue 13 crossword here.
Horoscopes: Issue 13

Horoscopes: Issue 13

By PRISKA MOHUNSINGH November 13, 2019
Find out what to expect for the remainder of the month; hopefully you'll have lots to be thankful for.