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Illustration of books to demonstrate political education

What Is a Political Education?

By VICKY CARMENATE October 28, 2020
A complete political education consists of learning outside of the classroom as well as being an active member in the community.
Illustration of a cupcake that says

The Image of the Politician, Adolescent or Otherwise

By KEVIN STOLL October 26, 2020
The dark comedic satire "Election" is a commentary on U.S. politics shown through the lens of a high school election.
a poster for American Dreams reading

‘American Dreams’ Uses Reality TV Tropes to Discuss Political Identity

By SAFET BEKTESEVIC October 21, 2020
The highly parodic play depicts a world in which the only way to gain U.S. citizenship is by competing in a live online game show run by the government. 
two women kneeling and caressing each other onstage; example of intimacy scene

Fordham Theatre Introduces Intimacy Training

By OLIVIA STERN October 18, 2020
Fordham Theatre has introduced intimacy training after students released a set of demands to make the program inclusive and safe.
Illustration of literature and albums, including wuthering heights and the associated kate bush album, and 1984 and the david bowie album

Intertwined Influence: From Page to Pitch

By ANNIKA SUDERBURG October 18, 2020
Countless songs and albums were inspired by books. Annika Suderburg discusses Kate Bush and David Bowie's work inspired by literature.
Poster from Celluloid Series event

Celluloid Series #1: A Celebration of the Avant-Garde

By KEVIN STOLL October 17, 2020
The visual arts department presents the “Celluloid Series,” a set of in-depth discussions that aim to further conversations about filmmaking.
Graphic of cross-section rooms in a house with

Trick-or-Treating at the BLUMHOUSE

By ANENWOJO OMAGU October 16, 2020
Amazon Studios and Blumhouse TV released their thriller collection “WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE” for Halloween, including four new films.
EDNA Album cover

Ram Jams: ‘EDNA’

By ETHAN COUGHLIN October 16, 2020
Rapper Headie One drops "EDNA," his seventh album in three years, and it includes just as many memorable tracks as it does filler.
Naked Cowboy stands with guitar in front of empty Times Square

Creatives Under Quarantine

By KEVIN STOLL October 15, 2020
Even when it seemed like the rest of the world remained in confinement, these creatives used their free time to stretch their imaginations against both personal and physical limitations.
Crew of the Nomadland film at dusk

Wander No More: Lessons Learned From ‘Nomadland’

By ETHAN COUGHLIN October 15, 2020
"Nomadland" impresses at the New York Film Festival as Frances McDormand once again delivers an Oscar-worthy lead performance.
Zoom screenshot of Men on Boats performance

Inside and Out of Fordham Theatre’s Zoom Production of ‘Men on Boats’

By TYLER BEY October 14, 2020
The cast and crew of "Men on Boats" created a mainstage production unlike any other to adjust to the new virtual theater scape.
Anthony Barfield, center, in a music studio

Live Music Remains Unconquered

By JILL RICE and VICKY CARMENATE October 14, 2020
In a time when we must be socially distanced, Barfield figured out a way to create live music in the same space as others.