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Rewriting Fiction: How a Fordham Alum Is Redefining the Genre

Joesph standing on stairs
Alumnus and writer Joseph Roccasalvo has been named Top Fiction Writer of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals.

Ram Jams: ‘folklore’

folklore album cover; taylor swift standing in the woods in black and white
Less than a year after the release of “Lover,” Taylor Swift is back and her newest album has old and new fans reeling.

Playmaking in a Pandemic: Zoom Theater Competition

Cathleen Freedman writing in front of colorful wall
By BRIELLE CAYER July 28, 2020
Cathleen Freedman, FCLC '22, was challenged to write a play in 12 hours for Zoom.

Ram Jams: ‘Ho, why is you here?’

album cover for flo milli, featuring a woman squatting down, dressed in orange
By VICKY CARMENATE July 28, 2020
“Ho, why is you here?” is a collection of all things Flo Milli. From hits like “Beef FloMix” to newer releases like “May I,” Flo Milli continually shows the industry that she is here to stay.

‘Palm Springs’ Under the Stars

Illustration of drivee-in sign
By KEVIN STOLL July 28, 2020
Max Barbakow’s “Palm Springs,” the indie rom-com with a science-fiction twist, debuted on VOD and in drive-in movie theaters.

The Joie de Vivre of Denise Jefferson Lives On 10 Years Later

Denise Jefferson (left) and Francesca Harper (right) pose together for a photo
By ROXANNE CUBERO July 17, 2020
Ten years after the death of Denise Jefferson, former director of The Ailey School and founder of the Fordham/Ailey BFA program, her daughter Francesca Harper looks back at the powerful legacy Jefferson left behind.

Ram Reads: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

A photo of
By VICKY CARMENATE July 15, 2020
For my Black and brown friends attending predominantly white institutions, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” is for you. I didn’t know how much I needed this book until I picked it up and started reading the first chapter.

Marching to the Beat of a New Drum

Mahfuzul with a megaphone
By ETHAN COUGHLIN July 10, 2020
Fordham alumnus and New York State Assembly candidate Mahfuzul teamed up with rapper Zo Morese to release the track “District 24.”

Reclaiming Magic: ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Advocate for Trans Rights

Harry Potter Book with a sticker that says
By MARIELLE SARMIENTO, Managing Editor July 9, 2020
J.K Rowling's history of transphobic social media behavior has sparked a conversation on how to be a trans ally and Harry Potter fan at the same time.

The Role of Art During a Revolution

Art of protestors
Art plays a fundamental role in the advancement of a revolution. By supporting BIPOC artists, audiences can do more than just consuming their art.

Ram Jams: Summer Sounds So Far

Illustration of girl listening to music in room
By ETHAN COUGHLIN, Arts & Culture Editor July 8, 2020
Arts and Culture Editor Ethan Coughlin goes through some of his favorite albums and singles that have come out this summer.

FLASH Magazine Recognizes Artists of Color in Special Summer Issue

Woman in red from FLASH MAGAZINE
By OLIVIA STERN July 7, 2020
Fordham’s FLASH Magazine came together to create a special summer issue honoring and lifting up the voices of Black people and people of color.
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