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Testing, Testing: New Podcasting Club Launches at FLC

Student working at laptop editing an episode for the podcasting club
By HANNAH KASKO November 10, 2020
Meet the new Fordham Podcast club that just launched its platform on YouTube with the release of its first podcasts.

Fordham’s Spooky Season Ended In Style

Group shot of runway participants
By ALYSSA DAUGHDRILL November 10, 2020
On Oct. 28, the Fordham Residence Hall Association partnered with the Fashion for Philanthropy Club to host a Halloween Runway.

Ram Jams: ‘elated!’

Album art for
By GILLIAN RUSSO November 1, 2020
Bea Miller's latest EP "elated!" captures the cynicism and twisted humor of Generation Z towards the current state of the world.

6 COVID-19 Safe Halloween Happenings in New York

a person in a skeleton animal costume
By ETHAN COUGHLIN October 30, 2020
With Halloween events in the city either being cancelled or adapted due to pandemic guidlines, here are some the events fans can still enjoy.

Is Television Still Relevant in a 2020 Election?

A young man watched Saturday Night Live on his laptop
By ISABELLA GONZALEZ October 28, 2020
From debates to "Saturday Night Live," television has always been important to political campaigns, and this election has been no exception.

Revolutionary Funk Radio

Revolutionary Funk Radio
By VICKY CARMENATE October 28, 2020
Songs of liberation from the post-civil rights movement era still find themselves relevant in today's political climate.

The Font for the Next Four

By ETHAN COUGHLIN October 28, 2020
Arts & Culture Editor Ethan Coughlin looks at the logo designs of this election's campaigns, from fonts to utilization.

What Is a Political Education?

Illustration of books to demonstrate political education
By VICKY CARMENATE October 28, 2020
A complete political education consists of learning outside of the classroom as well as being an active member in the community.

The Image of the Politician, Adolescent or Otherwise

Illustration of a cupcake that says
By KEVIN STOLL October 26, 2020
The dark comedic satire "Election" is a commentary on U.S. politics shown through the lens of a high school election.

‘American Dreams’ Uses Reality TV Tropes to Discuss Political Identity

a poster for American Dreams reading
By SAFET BEKTESEVIC October 21, 2020
The highly parodic play depicts a world in which the only way to gain U.S. citizenship is by competing in a live online game show run by the government. 

Fordham Theatre Introduces Intimacy Training

two women kneeling and caressing each other onstage; example of intimacy scene
By OLIVIA STERN October 18, 2020
Fordham Theatre has introduced intimacy training after students released a set of demands to make the program inclusive and safe.

Intertwined Influence: From Page to Pitch

Illustration of literature and albums, including wuthering heights and the associated kate bush album, and 1984 and the david bowie album
By ANNIKA SUDERBURG October 18, 2020
Countless songs and albums were inspired by books. Annika Suderburg discusses Kate Bush and David Bowie's work inspired by literature.
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