Home Improvement: Work Out On Your Own Without the Gym


Keep doing these workouts and with time, your arms and chest will eventually look like this. (Courtesy of Jasper Chang)


Ever feel like a gym membership is too expensive? Feel like the Fordham gym is inadequate? Looking for a great alternative? Hit the gym at home!

Keep doing these workouts and with time, your arms and chest will eventually look like this. (Courtesy of Jasper Chang)

Going to the gym can be a time-consuming venture that costs you hundreds of dollars. With finals just around the corner, you want to stay fit, even if you don’t have the time or budget to do it. You may also think that you don’t have the resources at your house, but you do! You have the one essential machine you need: your body. Home workouts are just as good as gym workouts.

Last issue focused on the back and abdominal muscles in order to strengthen the core. This issue we’ll focus on chest and biceps. And this time you don’t need any weights or dumbbells. You will be fine without any equipment. Just find a clear space and you’re ready to go!

Spend approximately ten minutes for the warm-up. For this home workout, five minutes of jumping jacks, straight jumps, and frog jumps will suffice. Spend the remaining minutes stretching your arms, chests, shoulders and abdominals.

Arm stretch– Pull your right arm across your chest at a 90 degree angle. Lock it into place with your left arm perpendicular to your right arm. Hold this stretch for 15 seconds and do t

he same for other arm.

Chest stretch– Clasp both hands together behind your back at a 90 degree angle. Pull your arms downwards and your chest will face upwards. When your arms are pointing to the ground at a 90 degree angle hold this in place for 25 seconds. Looking up while you do this will increase the effectiveness.

Shoulder stretch– Stretch your arms out parallel to the ground. Wave both arms forward and backward as if you were swimming. This is meant to increase the flexibility and the movement in your shoulders. Do this for about 30 seconds.

Abdominal stretch– Lie down on your stomach and push your chest upwards to the sky. It will be as if your body is doing a push up except your legs will be one the floor. This is known as the seal stretch. Hold this stretch for 25 seconds.

The Workout:


Regular Push-Ups 15 reps of 5 sets Reverse Push-Ups 15 reps of 5 sets

Brazilian Push-Ups 10 reps of 5 sets

Neutral Push-Ups 15 reps of 3 sets

The online video will show how to properly perform each of these exercises.

The primary muscle group being worked is the chest and the secondary muscle group worked is the biceps. It’s very helpful because this workout will substitute your need for weights, dumbbells, and the bench press bar. It will essentially “kill two birds with one stone.” There is no time limit for this workout. Take your time, but be sure to finish it.

For the cool down just repeat of the stretches you did for your warm-up. After everything is done, here’s a challenge to push you to the limit.

The Challenge:

With a timer, do as many push-ups as you can within 60 seconds. Keep track your record and repeat this challenge every week. See how far you can go. Good luck!