Stop Wasting Away Indoors and Go Be a New Yorker


“New York is my campus. Fordham is my school.”

This slogan defines the college experience at Fordham. New York City brings endless possibilities and opportunities, and our school is right at the center of everything.  But at Fordham, the college experience takes effort.

The average college student has school activities and clubs constantly surrounding them on campus. Even on a gated campus, a constant commotion of activities allows students to take advantage of opportunities to socialize without leaving their campus grounds.  It is frustrating that as a city college girl, I have to really make that extra effort in order to have a good time and enjoy college. Yet making that effort and taking advantage of all that the city truly has to offer is crucial to having a good time at our school.

Whether it’s shopping, food or shows, there is always something worthwhile in the city. Living in McMahon Hall allows me to take advantage of Columbus Circle, Metropolitan Opera, Riverside Park and the NYC Ballet. New York City always has so much going on that it can even become overwhelming at times. When there are too many options, I often have trouble choosing which one I would enjoy the most.

Resting in the dorm can be nice sometimes, but even then, I just look out the window and think of all of the things that I could be doing. It is an annoying, nagging feeling that doesn’t let me feel satisfied just sitting in my room relaxing, because the city is really what you make of it. If you choose to sit indoors all day glued to the television, then you may never know the opportunities that await you.

People that don’t go out and take advantage of what the city has to offer will never have fun. They are waiting on their sofa for the opportunities to come to them. They need to wake up to the reality of the situation that they have to seek out their own opportunities in life. I find it difficult to sit still in my dorm room knowing that there is so much I can take advantage of just a few steps out the door.

This location can’t be beat.  The Upper West Side, Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center and Central Park—it’s impossible for me to stay inside. It is crucial to learn the area and know exactly what surrounds Fordham. I love to explore the area in order to learn all of the different possible activities and places that surround the area. New York City expands beyond the Upper West Side and has different tourist attraction and places that can be found anywhere in the city.  There are great places such as the farmers market in Union Square and the flea market in Brooklyn that are just a few subway stops away.

Instead of working out in the fitness center and running on the treadmill, there are better options in the city. Running in Central Park is rejuvenating and never the same experience twice. There are many different yoga groups and workout classes in the park that are available for free.  Central Park is a great place to go with friends and socialize—you can always find free shows or even a concert. Sometimes it is worth strolling over to Central Park just to see what is going on. Every time that I enter Central Park I feel like it is a different world. I am used to the hustle and bustle of the city, but in Central Park it is so relaxing with the trees and green grass you can forget you’re even in the city at times.

I have found that it is easy to seek out the events and activities that I am interested in and take advantage of them. Everyone’s experience in New York City is what he or she makes of it. Depending on specific hobbies and interests there are different activities and places that are available. There is no way of knowing what each day brings, but by simply making the effort to walk outside, the possibilities become endless. Instead of picking up the remote and watching television, go out and discover all that New York City has to offer. Nobody should be a city bum.