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Addressing McMahon RamFit’s Overcrowding Problem

The newly renovated fitness center needs to provide more machinery and opportunities for gymgoers to exercise
The RamFit Center at Fordham Lincoln Center reopened in January 2022, featuring a newly renovated cardio room.

The relentless academic and extracurricular pressures of college underscore the need for consistent physical exercise in students’ daily routines. But even following the renovation of the RamFit Center in McMahon Hall throughout 2022, this aspiration feels like an elusive dream at Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC).

The fitness center’s multipurpose studios and weight and cardio rooms should ideally provide abundant space and machines for all gymgoers to exercise, meditate and maintain overall physical fitness; however, the Lincoln Center RamFit Center in McMahon Hall’s status as the only gym has made it incapable of sustaining the demand during peak hours.

When the new RamFit Center opened in January, I aspired to make it my sanctuary through which I could alleviate my academic and personal stress. After a heavy day of lecture-based classes and assignments, I wanted to head to the gym to work out or meditate. I aimed to feel the apprehension of exams and assignments leaving my energized body at the end of a good workout session.

Like most people I knew, my classes spanned throughout the day, so the evenings were my only chance I was available to go to the gym. However, the RamFit Center, especially its cardio room, was filled to the brim whenever I tried to visit, typically between the hours of 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thus, because I could only exercise in the evening, I felt excluded from using the fitness center in peace.

This disdainful memory and observation points to a serious problem: At peak hours, especially on weekdays during the evenings, the Lincoln Center RamFit often becomes congested to the point that it is nearly impossible to enjoy a workout without feeling claustrophobic or waiting for someone else to stop using a machine. 

I am particularly critical of the cardio room for its shortage of treadmills and stair machines. The lack of equipment and the need for more space in the cardio room amplifies the overcrowding problem at the Lincoln Center RamFit and results in less productive workouts. This inconvenience disrupts the flow of a workout, adding anxiety and tension to an environment that should be tranquilizing instead of stress-inducing. The weight room also has a reported shortage of equipment, as there are not enough bench presses and dumbbells.

To escape the crowd and equipment shortage, I often went to the studios, a soothing space for all purposes, including yoga, stretching, pilates and other self-workouts. Since these rooms are spacious, I achieved more personal and intimate workout sessions here, feeling relatively more relaxed and tranquilized compared to my experiences working out in other parts of the gym.

The fitness center’s multipurpose studios and weight and cardio rooms should ideally provide abundant space and machines for all gymgoers to exercise, meditate and maintain overall physical fitness.

Additionally, I brought my personal mat and resistance bands with me, so I was able to better utilize the space and exercise without the need to wait for equipment. This allowed me to have more productive, unburdened workout sessions.

However, most students, particularly treadmill enthusiasts, cannot rely solely on the serene, spacious multipurpose studios. The administration must, therefore, solve overcrowding by incorporating more machines in the cardio and weight rooms for the center to become a better exercise spot for the Fordham community. 

Admittedly, the cardio room is tinier than other gym parts and might not have space for excessive machines. The university can solve this problem by possibly taking some space out of the plaza to devote to the fitness center.

I understand that renovating RamFit at Lincoln Center again might be challenging since it reopened this year. However, students need more machines in the fitness center, and the only way to do so is by expanding the gym space even more.

An alternative solution could be creating a system where users can make reservations for specific time slots. Currently, reservations can only be made for the studios on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; the university should provide students with a reservation system for all aspects of the fitness center. This will ensure that every student and member of the Fordham community has an opportunity to utilize the RamFit Center without feeling crowded or unable to exercise the way they want to.

The RamFit at Lincoln Center was initially designed to cater to the needs of gymgoers at Fordham. The current issue with overcrowding and a lack of equipment, however, is an obstacle for people to benefit from the gym properly and detracts from the center’s purpose of promoting a healthier lifestyle.

It is high time more machines are instilled in the center, especially in the cardio room, to accommodate everyone simultaneously. If the administration cannot do so, the RamFit Center might not become the premier exercise spot for FLC students. After all, prioritizing physical wellness should not come at the price of frustrating gym experiences.

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