Pause on In-Person Instruction Lifted at Rose Hill



As of Feb. 28, there are 242 positive COVID-19 cases at Rose Hill, only 17 below the threshold that would force another shutdown of in-person activities.

The university announced its decision to lift the pause of in-person instruction at the Rose Hill campus on Feb. 28. 

The decision came following new guidelines from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which allows for in-person instruction to continue even if the cases surpass 100, given that 25% of the on-campus population is being tested weekly and that the positive cases don’t exceed 5% of the total on-campus population.

The university assured that it is testing “well above the 25 percent threshold,” in the email from the Office of the President sent on Feb. 28. Based on the data provided on the COVID-19 Dashboard, 60% of the Lincoln Center and 84% of the Rose Hill on-ground population has been tested within the two-week period. The on-ground population includes residents and anyone else who visits the campus and has been tested there.

In-person classes will resume on Monday, March 1; athletics and other student activities are subject to resume Feb. 28, according to the email.

There are currently 242 positive cases at Rose Hill. The campus has an on-ground population of 5,193, which means that to surpass the 5% threshold on one campus, there needs to be 259 positive cases — only 17 more — for the administration to consider another pause on in-person instruction. 

Lincoln Center currently has 10 cases and needs 108 positive cases for the pause to take place, given that there are 2,162 students on campus.

According to New York state, Fordham’s campuses are one, so New York would force Fordham to close only when the total university total rate reaches 5%. Fordham’s administration has decided to treat each campus separately; a 5% or higher infection rate on one campus does not affect the other campus from continuing its in-person instruction.

The COVID-19 dashboard has new fifth and sixth rows that indicate the on-ground population and infection rate of the campuses; previously, the page only had the rate of positivity compared to the total tests administered.

On Feb. 24, it was announced that the U.K. variant of the virus was detected at the Rose Hill campus. This variant is determined to be more infectious and spreads faster than other COVID-19 strains. 

“I cannot stress strongly enough that our ability to offer in-person classes and activities is almost entirely dependent upon students especially observing strict COVID-19 precautions, including wearing a mask at all times on and off campus, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands frequently,” the email from the Office of the President concluded.