You Can Pry Romance Movies from My Cold, Dead Hands



Romance movies can allow us to live out our wildest fantasies.


You heard me.

It’s one thing if rom-coms just aren’t your thing. It’s a whole other rodeo to make hating rom-coms your brand. I’m convinced we have a complex in America right now where the only way to be cool is to be “above it all.” If you like anything sincere or have any concept of being unironic, you’re automatically a dork, and, even worse, a sheep. Especially when it comes to movies.

In our pop culture-obsessed society, we’ve been trained to only appreciate “good” cinema and to leave everything else as a “guilty pleasure.” “Good ” cinema is serious, dramatic and frankly drowning in boring men. Lately, cinema that wants to be considered “good” has been stripped of emotions, shot in increasingly dark lighting and filled with misanthropes who have cast off the chains of our shallow and materialistic world. If you want examples, try to peer through the darkness at “Man of Steel,” “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Jack Reacher” and a legion of other “Fight Club” knockoffs. From highbrow reviews to the wild hinterlands of Twitter, the “enlightened” call rom-coms dumb, shallow and everything wrong with America today.

The edgy among us have resolved to remain far above those idiots who are actually enjoying and loving, crying and even laughing over what’s in this world.

But that attitude isn’t just pretentious. It’s boring.

I will stand against the joyless hordes and defend the art of the rom-com to my dying breath.

Sometimes you need the cheese, the meet-cutes, the convoluted misunderstandings sorted out at the very last second. Sometimes you need the schmaltz. Sometimes you need to believe in the power of, prepare yourself — love.

Yes, Roger Ebert might roll over in his grave when the next Adam Sandler movie hits the big screen, but does every movie out there have to be the height of cinema? Isn’t entertainment supposed to entertain?

I’ll admit it, I could be wrong. Those with pitchforks and “cultured” opinions on cinema could be right.  I could just be plain “Clueless.” That all this is really “Much Ado About Nothing.” Maybe you can’t wait until I become “The Graduate” to escape my opinions.

But here’s the thing. If loving rom-coms is wrong, I don’t want to be right. There’s more warming up my heart than just climate change. I will always prefer to watch rom-coms with a heart on my sleeve than watch “The Shape of Water 2″ in a trench coat.

Rom-coms are about coming together and appreciating the people we have created space for in our lives, no matter how many mishaps it took to get them there. They represent the best side of us, and that’s worth pulling for. So, later tonight, if you’re looking for something to do, turn on Netflix and spread a little joy. Support your local rom-com.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for any rom-coms to stomp on, you can pry them from my cold, dead hands. In the immortal words of Dirty Dancing, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

So come at me.