The Unorthodox Workouts of NYC




Like New York City, there are a world of possibilities that exist in the world of exercise. Whether you are a workout aficionado or just enjoy going on a stroll through Central Park (my personal favorite), there is always an opportunity to branch outside our exercise comfort zones. Here are some unorthodox workout classes for those who are looking to spice up their routine and hopefully gain some healthy motivation.

Kayaking: For the ones who have an adventurous side
Long hours of studying call for a little more adventure in our day-to-day lives. Cue free kayaking on the Hudson River. No experience is required here (though professionals are always welcome). Kayaking is a great way to get in touch with an outdoor sport without ever having to leave the five boroughs. Huge benefits of this activity not only include it being an exciting way to workout, but it also being a new way to experience the city skyline and, of course, it’s free! Services are available through The Downtown Boathouse. In case you were wondering, their motto is: promoting public access to the water for all.

Surfing: For the ones who miss the California waves
Here at Fordham, there are many students who are no strangers to the California coastline. As of Fall 2016, about 8% of the current Lincoln Center undergrad student population comes from The Golden State (Undergraduate Demographic Profile). Believe it or not, New Yorkers can catch a “wave” or two with classes from Surfset. Unfortunately, this does not mean busting out your surfboard on the Hudson River. This does, however, mean a dry land, surfing simulation workout. Surfset, which has been featured on Shark Tank and many other media outlets, provides classes that are inspired by the balance and coordination that is utilized while surfing. Classes are located in downtown Manhattan and are $25 for first-timers.

Underwater Spin: For the ones who find spin classes too unoriginal
It is the great New York City phenomenon, otherwise known as spin classes. Spin classes are one of the most highly attended workout classes throughout the city. However, for those who are looking to jazz up their spin routine, or even to try spin for the first time, there is underwater cycling. Located in TriBeCa, AQUA provides classes anywhere from beginner to more experienced underwater cyclists, where participants are submerged from about their waist down. Why underwater cycling? AQUA cites several reasons how water benefits the otherwise traditional workout, which includes actively enhancing blood flow and improving cardiovascular endurance (

Trampoline: For the ones who are easily inspired by the Olympics
We are all mesmerized by their performance. The ability to jump what seems to be sky high into the air while performing flips, twists and turns. Though most of us are not professionals on the trampoline, we can still channel this energy into trampoline workout classes. TrampoLEAN can deliver just that. This company provides workouts specifically designed to incorporate the use of a personal trampoline. Each class contains 50 minutes of, what trampoLEAN describes as, “HIIT on a low-impact surface [that] will keep you lean and strong while preserving your joints.” Get ready for an intense leg-day!

Trapeze: For the ones who reach for the stars
Whether you’ve already found your passion, or you’re still on the journey, there is still some room to shoot for the stars. For all the dreamers out there, big and small, there’s an exercise that’ll help you do just that. Trapeze is not only used for those who swing through the air as a circus performer, but it can also be an extremely enjoyable and untraditional workout experience. At the Trapeze School of New York, each class includes two hours of outdoor trapeze for a cost of about $60 and is located along the West Side Highway. Though the first jump may feel daunting, it is one of the most riveting feelings to soar through the air during a trapeze class.