What’s In FCLC Student’s School Bags?




We’ve all seen the “What’s In My Bag” YouTube Videos, but we decided to put an Lincoln Center spin on it and see what various students carry around in their bags all day. Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) is made up of an eclectic groups of students. Whether you’re a communications major, or a history minor, in the Gabelli School of Business, or studying dance at Alvin Ailey, all Fordham students stuff their backpacks with various items that they can’t go a whole school day without.

There are an array of backpacks carried by students running to the elevators in Lowenstein or socializing in the plaza. Whether they are a resident or a commuter, the bag they carry and each and every object inside of it is the utmost importance to them.

Karin Hadadan, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ‘19, prefers to carry a tote bag from Free People because “it’s easily accessible and compliments [her] everyday style.” She needs her laptop, cough drops, advil, keys, wallet, one notebook, her planner and headphones – which she always has with her. On the contrary, Matt Gallipoli, FCLC ‘19, uses a denim backpack from American Apparel. He chose this backpack for comfort, yet the denim material makes it more stylish. His backpack is filled with standard school supplies, such as notebooks, textbooks, and pens. Sarah Baksh, FCLC ‘17, uses a boho bag to carry very little. Her purse has some makeup in it and her Beats headphones. While laughing, she reminded me, “I also carry around the only textbook I bought for this semester.” Jaclyn Scerbak, FCLC ‘19, is majoring in dance and uses her Herschel backpack for both academic and dance classes. With juggling both areas, she stressed the importance of always having her planner. “My planner is one item I can’t go to my classes without.” Jaclyn’s backpack is also filled with notebooks, folders, her Vera Bradley pencil case, ballet shoes, a protein bar, hand sanitizer, a water bottle and lip balm. Yint Hmu, FCLC ‘17, carries a typical black backpack. Along with books and pens, he always has to have his iPhone charger with him. Savannah Sturgeon FCLC ‘16 must have these five items with her at all times: gum, chapstick, two lipstick colors and lotion. She uses a Patagonia backpack, but does prefer to be more fashion forward by carrying a  purse as well.

Each resident had one particular item they personally could not live without. But when interviewing commuter students, they were in agreement and acknowledge that their metrocard is the one item they won’t forget when leaving the house. Sammy Pajonas, FCLC ‘19, is a commuter from Brooklyn. She stated “my metrocard is the most important item in my bag. Without it I wouldn’t be able to get to class. Making everything else in my bag useless.” Nora Hafez, FCLC ‘19, also always makes sure she has her metrocard. Both Pajonas and Hafez carry a mini stapler and paper clips. These are necessities that residents can keep in their dorm room that aren’t easily accessible to commuter students.

After interviewing several students and finding out what they carry with them around school, I rounded up the 10 Essentials to keep in your school bag:

1.) Pens: You’ll always need to take notes in class, maybe jot down a random thought, or write a reminder.

2.) Notebook: A pen is only useful if you have something to write on. It is more reliable to have a piece of paper than a computer.

3.) Fordham ID: What if you want to meet up with friends between classes in the plaza? You can’t get in and out of buildings without your ID. Or buy a snack at Ram Cafe? You need your ID to buy food.

4.) Metrocard: You never know when you’ll make that spontaneous trip to go to Greenwich Village to check out the restaurant featured on New Fork City or realize you’re in desperate need of some inspiration after a long math class. You don’t want to keep buying a one way ticket.

5.) Granola bar: Fordham students are always moving. Sometimes it’s hard finding time to eat in between classes. A granola bar is a delicious and on the go snack.

6.) Water bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated. Buy a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to keep spending money on water bottles.

7.) Headphones: Listening to your favorite song on your way to class puts you in a good mood. Also, sometimes you just want to block out the world around you.

8.) Emergency cash: Always keep $20 in a pocket just incase you forget your wallet at home.

9.) Mints or gum: You don’t want to have bad breath when talking to a professor or that cute guy/girl you like.

10.) Phone charger: It’s important to keep your phone charged in case you need to quickly check your email or use it for emergency purposes.