Rams Take On Columbia for Homecoming


Fordham Students Aryana Azari (FCLC ’17), Brianna Rivera (FCLC ’17), Katie Kirtland (FCLC ’17) and Jenny McNary (FCLC ’17) at the 2014 Homecoming Game. Photo courtesy of Katie Kirtland/The Observer


The homecoming football game is an integral part of any college experience. If you watch almost any television series revolving around college students, you will see an episode in which everyone goes to the homecoming game and debauchery ensues. While that is obviously an extremely exaggerated version of what happens, speaking from experience I can tell you that the homecoming game is where you will want to be on Saturday, Sept. 19.

The Fordham Rams will take on the Columbia Lions on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Students can attend for free, provided they show their Fordham ID at the gate. General admission tickets can be purchased by parents, faculty and general Ram Fans for only $12 per ticket. Those can be purchased online, at the ticket office window starting the day prior to the game, or over the phone.

If this year’s Homecoming attendees are to expect a similar experience to last year’s, there will be all kinds of free things to enjoy. Before last year’s game, t-shirts were given out on a first-come first-serve basis with the schedule for the remaining games on the back. The cheerleaders were working to temporary tattoo everyone who wanted one with block Fordham F’s ‐ I personally got one on my cheek. For the Fordham University class of 2016 as well as students and faculty over the age of 21, there is a tent set up on Edward’s Parade across from Jack Coffey Field, where the game will be held. As you might have guessed from the age restrictions, alcohol will be served here to anyone of age.

Naturally, many Fordham Lincoln Center students will wonder why they should bother paying for the Ram Van, and subsequently endure the jostling trek up there. To alleviate that monetary concern Campus Activity Board (CAB) is partnering with the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development (OSLCD) to sponsor a homecoming game Ram Van service for a limited number of students. If you sign up in their office, room 408 in Lowenstein, you will either be added to the list or put on the waitlist – I cannot stress enough how popular an event this is for students of both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses – for a free seat on a Ram Van and a free homecoming t-shirt courtesy of CAB and OSLCD. Of course, the Ram Van is still a little bumpy, but what can you do? That’s part of its charm.

In addition to the football game, the President’s Ball is Friday night, Sept. 18, from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. This is a great night of music, dancing, and food – and who wouldn’t want to go to a party hosted by President of Fordham University, Father Joseph McShane, S.J.? Again, this event is completely free. All that Fordham Lincoln Center students have to do is reserve a seat on the chartered busses set to take us to and from Rose Hill. You don’t even need to buy a ticket to get in, just make sure you have your Fordham ID.

Homecoming weekend is a great time for Fordham students to come together and celebrate our school. Whether you go to one or both of these events, you will be left feeling an even greater sense of Fordham community, and it will not have cost you a thing.