Killer Cereal




“Great to see you again,” smiled the waitress, eager to take my order for the third time this week. Cereal Killer Cafe, located in the offbeat neighborhood of Brick Lane, is not your typical morning bowl of Cheerios. In fact, since it was opened in December 2014 by Gary and Alan Keery, Cereal Killer Cafe, has been getting global attention and been booming since day one.

Upon entering, Cereal Killer Cafe makes you feel right at home with their mom and pop style kitchen setup complete with a brick stone fireplace. For a Friday afternoon, the cafe was pretty empty, but all the waitresses were smiling and friendly per usual. I ordered my now habitual mix of Special K Peach and Apricot cereal with skimmed milk, topped with fresh strawberries and bananas. Leaving the counter, I took a seat on one of the ‘70s style chairs while I waited for the waitress to bring over my order. Lining the walls of the cafe are boxes upon boxes of every type and flavor of cereal sold, some of which were vintage, including the “Pokemon” cereal, which I have not seen since I was five!

Over 120 types of cereal from all over the world are available to those who come to the cafe. It works by first ordering the cereal you would like, than choosing between 30 types of milk and 20 different toppings to add to make it your own. Some can go healthy with skim milk and fresh fruit but others can be more risky, with toppings such as Milky Ways and Reese Pieces. Sizes come in small, medium and large, vary from 3-5 pounds, and are available with as many topping as you desire for 60 pence each (that’s less than the U.S. dollar!) Still, other customers can choose from the list of pre-made “cocktails,” such as the “Mint Choc Chipster,” which is essentially mint chocolate chip ice cream in cereal form.

And if you ever wander over to Brick Lane for the day, make sure to grab a funky t-shirt on your way out in addition to a bowl of your favorite pastime cereal.