#MyWeirdRamRoommate: Communication Complications


Don’t let your roommates tune you out! (Jessica Hanley/The Observer)


Before the start of each school year, students anticipate the stranger(s) with whom they will be living with for the next nine months. Here at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), living in New York City can be weird enough, but having a roommate with even weirder habits only adds to the experience. Recently, on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Hashtags segment, he created the tag #myroommateisweird, resulting in thousands of responses. In order to flesh out the true oddities amongst OUR community, I asked around for weird roommate experiences, so as to offer advice to those in similar situations. 

This week’s results brought up some interesting topics worth discussing when it comes to roommate etiquette. McKeon resident Bob*, FCLC ’18, remembers when one of his roommates skipped town for the weekend, without telling any of his suitemates. “He disappeared to Mexico for the weekend, and didn’t answer his phone,” Bob stated. “We were really worried.” However, once his roommate returned, it became clear the situation was not as serious as expected. “He told us he was stressed and just needed a weekend in paradise,” Bob said casually. “And since he comes from a good amount of money, this wasn’t out of the ordinary for him. I just wish he had told us.” Worrying about a roommate is never a good feeling, as it is natural to fear the worst if one does not answer after one or two days. Sure, we’ve all had those roommates who come back the next morning after a night out, but spending two days away without warning is a cause for concern. If you plan on going away, be courteous enough to let your roommate know, even if it’s just a quick text. This way, they know you are safe and sound, and that there is no need to file a missing persons report. 

McMahon resident Daisy*, FCLC ’16,  braved a somewhat awkward experience with one of her roommates. “One time when she was talking to me after getting out of the shower, her towel fell down a little bit, and she didn’t even fix it,” Daisy stated with a look of disgust. “It made me very uncomfortable.” Not only this, Daisy said, but “she also almost always walked around in just a bra and underwear.” There is a fine line between comfort and nudity, and when living with someone, it is best to know your roommates’ tolerance for this. While some may be fine with their roommate walking around the room as they please, others may find themselves uncomfortable being exposed to nudity and loungewear such as only underwear. This is best to address at the outset of the relationship, so no one finds themselves in an unwanted situation. It is imperative to respect our roommate as best as possible and simple communication, though some topics may be awkward to discuss, is the most effective way in ensuring a positive roommate experience. 

While they are two entirely different situations and circumstances, the same treatment is effective: communication. Communication between roommates is key for those good colleges times we all desire, so whether it’s about addressing clothing habits or letting your roommate know that you won’t be around for a couple of days, it is imperative to speak out to the one you live with here at FCLC.