Fordham Students Are Keeping it Comfortable Yet Classy



While some fashionistas get their style advice from runway shows, students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) are influenced by celebrities, glamour magazines, New York and even Fordham itself.

Nick Giordano, FCLC ’14, is often influenced by what he sees at Fordham and around New York City. “You can just walk outside and see what is going on in the fashion world,” Giordano said.


Student Nick Giordano, FCLC ’14, likes urban wear. (Kimberly Galbraith/The Observer)
Student Nick Giordano, FCLC ’14, likes urban wear. (Kimberly Galbraith/The Observer)

Giordano described his style as urban, but changes it up based on how he feels that day. “Some days you can describe me as preppy,” Giordano said, “some days I base it off the shirt I want to wear, others off the pair of pants I want to wear, or the shoes. It just changes.” As for today, Giordano is wearing a Forever21 shirt ($10), H&M jeans ($40) and shoes from ($70).

Giordano’s must-have piece is a pair of Cole Haan leather dress shoes. “They’re dress shoes but can be dressy or casual. I really like those.”

Giordano advised to always be yourself, yet presentable at the same time. “Remember you are presenting yourself to the world. Some people might think it’s not important [how their outfits look], but it is,” Giordano commented. “Everyone is going to see you and unfortunately make judgments about you. Regardless of you think that’s the right or wrong thing to do, they’re going to do it. You might as well be ahead of the curve.”

Mari McKaba, FCLC ’14, is one of the students influenced by celebrity style.  “I love Olivia Palermo’s style a lot, and also Miranda Kerr and Blake Lively. Occasionally Mary Kate Olsen, sometimes she can be too grungy,” McKaba said. “I have a mixture of style icons.”

Mari McKaba, FCLC ’15, looks for brand names at discounted prices. (Kimberly Galbraith/The Observer)
Mari McKaba, FCLC ’15, looks for brand names at discounted prices. (Kimberly Galbraith/The Observer)

McKaba, who loves reading “Marie Claire” and tabloid magazines for celebrity style inspiration, mixes her clothes up and does not stay with one particular style. “I feel like I’m not even in a [fashion] category, I just like to buy what I like. I like combining a lot of solids with pieces that are cool.”

For class, McKaba loves being comfortable. “These boots are from Michael Kors ($130), my pants are Seven For All Mankind ($130), they’re actually jeggings. My top is from American Apparel ($60).”

Being in the city has changed McKaba’s personal style. “I used to just shop at one store. Now I get to see everything and go to different stores,” McKaba commented. “The city is so different you can wear anything you want.”

As for her must-have style piece, McKaba has a few. She loves a good pair of jeans and a simple blouse that you can add a staple accessory to, such as a scarf that makes it more decorative.

McKaba reminded that you can always find name brands on sale. “It’s good to have pieces that’s good material, but you can find them discounted at places like Nordstrom Rack.”