Valentine Man Hunt: A Fordham Girl’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right (And We Promise He Won’t Be Gay)


Published: Febrary 14, 2008

Valentine’s Day can be a perfect day for couples to show their feelings of devotion and passion. Yet simultaneously, it may inspire singles and exes alike to express their feelings of disgust and sadness. The day only becomes more depressing for these scorned lovers when it feels like they’ll never find Mr. Right, especially not at Fordham. We all know how hard it is for FCLC girls to find a good valentine since there are hardly any guys on campus (like three, tops, in each of your classes). It’s not exactly as if these three guys are eligible bachelors either, as most of them are taken or are well, you know. Luckily, this Valentine’s Day, that lonely LC girl doesn’t have to be you! Here, five guys on campus reveal exclusive places around the city where they love to meet women. If you have the ability to visit one of these date- and conversation-worthy locations, you may be able to snag a Valentine’s date and avoid any feelings of bitterness or despair on this Hallmark holiday.

A Lesson in Love

One suggestion from an anonymous LC guy is to keep your dating close by, even as close as in class. He claimed that even though there’s a shortage of men on campus, some of them, like him, are still single, straight and willing to mingle. He said that class is the perfect place to find a mate because he can answer questions “so [girls] could see how smart I am.” He can then go in for the kill by writing notes or sweet-talking them during a class break or in the cafeteria. He said, “It’s all non-threatening and innocent. And hopefully there are no other guys going after the girl I’m with, which would be a likely situation if I was in a club or lounge.” This method may prove to be successful, but boys, beware of future embarrassment in class if a girl turns you down. I was specifically asked to avoid revealing this guy’s identity because he didn’t want to “ruin [his] game.” The flirtatious boys in class that ask for private study sessions could be interested in a little more after all, so give them a chance to make their move!

Oh Holy Day

“Church” was the simple answer I received from Justin Stark, FCLC ’10, for an ideal place to meet a woman. Although it seems unlikely for people to make a love connection in a place of worship, it is not as uncommon as you may think. Stark said, “Campus ministry mass is the perfect place to meet young ladies.” Note: it’s suggested that you don’t try to flirt while a sermon is being conducted. Instead, wait for the post-mass reception to speak to the certain someone you eyed a few pews in front of you. Stark suggests, “Just after you grab your cookie and lemonade, scan the congregation for a girl you see best fits for your perfect Valentine, and give it a shot. If anything, you got a fresh homebaked cookie out of it and a life lesson that you can even be rejected in the house of our Lord.” Next time a guy comes up with a cute but overdone line like, “Is heaven missing an angel? Because I see one right in front of my eyes,” maybe it will turn into something “holy” rather than just his sad venture back to the dorms with a cookie.

City Sights Make Her Swoon

Stephen Ligambi, FCLC ’08, likes to take the scenic approach when it comes to meeting women. “You’re not going to meet your soul mate at a club,” he said. Instead, he pinpointed the Hotel Gansevoort’s rooftop bar and lounge, which is ironically named Plunge, as the perfect destination to meet your Valentine. Located in the meatpacking district, this hot spot on 9th Avenue and 13th Street has panoramic city views that Ligambi said “are breathtaking, awesome and will make any girl fall in love.” This gorgeous, picturesque place is perfect for young singles to meet, and could even serve as a great date spot if you find your valentine in any of the other suggested locations. Plunge is open 365 days a year from 7 am-11 pm. If you find yourself wanting to plunge away from your date, or the whole scene, we suggest taking the stairs or an elevator.

Food is the Way to a Woman’s Heart

Larry Cerpas, FCLC ’09, said, “I never met a girl in a supermarket myself, but I have friends who have, and I’ve heard some good stories.” He described a supermarket as the perfect setup to meet a woman. After all, most supermarkets are non-threatening, quiet venues that provide easy opportunities for men to help women carry heavy bags or grab things from high shelves, while not being too obvious that they’re trying to score a date. There’s really no downside to shopping for love. If you aren’t able to check out through the express line with a date, at least you’ll have your groceries for the week.

Get a Lucky Strike

Sports fanatic Roger Quiles, FCLC ’09, suggested a bowling alley as a great place to meet a girl. He said, “It’s a fun place to show a little competition, but you can still be a man and let her win the game.” Even if you’re not an expert at the sport, looking goofy and messing up can turn into a joke and not be so embarrassing. A bowling date won’t break the bank, and you can always help your partner with a skill lesson that will help you get a little closer to striking true love.