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NYPD officer at emergency action protest on Nov. 1.

Students Storm Subway Protesting NYPD, MTA

November 13, 2019

An emergency action protest against the New York Police Department and Metropolitan Transportation Authority was held in downtown Brooklyn on Nov. 1, 2019.

Only Venezuelans Can Decide Their Fate

Only Venezuelans Can Decide Their Fate

February 19, 2019

Regardless of how you may feel about Maduro’s presidency and the recent elections, it is clear that there is evidence which contradicts the narrative that the U.S. media has constructed. But this article is not so much about the controversy created by American media outlets over Venezuelan politics, it’s about whether or not the United States has the right to intervene in Venezuela’s affairs in the first place.

The Progressives Aren’t Progressive

The Progressives Aren’t Progressive

February 6, 2019

Here’s why a few of the potential and affirmed Democratic candidates for the 2020 election do not actually represent a progressive vision.

Student workers like Michelle Osipova felt belittled by the policy. (ANNE WANG/THE OBSERVER)

University Raises Minimum Wage, Students Remain Uneasy

November 14, 2018

On Oct. 29, Fordham University released a statement officially raising student workers’ minimum wage to the $15 mandated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the state of New York.