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View from the top of the Martello Tower in Sandycove, Dublin. (ERIKA ORTIZ/THE OBSERVER)

A Weekend In James Joyce’s Dublin

July 4, 2017

By ERIKA ORTIZ Copy Editor As I climb the narrow spiral of stone steps, my anxiety builds. With ...

The stage of the Globe before Act 2 of

Violent Delights, Violent Ends: “Romeo and Juliet” at The Globe

July 4, 2017

By ERIKA ORTIZ Copy Editor Before attending a production at the Globe Theatre, especially one as famed a...

Miranda Powers (center) poses in front of Stonehenge with other students in the Summer in London study abroad program. (Photo courtesy of Morgan Steward)

The Nervous Traveler’s Guide to Survive Studying Abroad

July 4, 2017

By MIRANDA POWERS Contributing Writer Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so the time studen...

Izzi Duprey discovered a brand new genre of theatre while abroad in London. Now, fringe is one of her favorite types. (Photo courtesy of Lisa via Flickr)

London Fringe: Front and Center

July 4, 2017

Living in New York City, I head to the notable theatre box offices dotting Midtown Manhattan whenever...

Professor Elizabeth Stone's travel writing course attended a performance of An Octoroon on June 15.

Theater Review: “An Octoroon”

July 4, 2017

Confetti, $100 bills, pieces of cotton and styrofoam balls drift through a pool of blood, and the room...