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John Brennan, Former Director of the CIA, will   join Fordham Law School as the Distinguished Fellow for Global Security for the Center on National Security. 
(PHOTO COURTESY of George Bridges/KRT via TNS)

John Brennan Named Distinguished Fellow for Global Security

September 5, 2017

Former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) John Brennan, Fordham College at Rose Hill (F...

John Brennan (FCRH ‘77) has defended torture and human rights’ abuses. (Pete Marovich via TNS)

Fordham: Are We Passive Towards Torture?

April 29, 2015

By RACHEL SHMULEVICH Editor Emeritus Published: April 29, 2015 Colleges and universities across the world...

Faculty Petition to Revoke Honorary Degree

February 11, 2015

By TYLER MARTINSEditor-in-ChiefPublished: February 11, 2015 Fordham faculty members have come together to...

Staff Editorial: Set the World on Fire, Not Its People


February 11, 2015

Published: February 11, 2015 Seven Fordham faculty members have come together to demand that Fordham revoke CIA Director’s John Brennan’s honorary degree, which was conferred in 2012. It was unfortunate that the honor was bestowed upon him then; now, in light of the recent report on torture released by the Senate Select ...