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Subway Fare Hikes Might Arrive Before Your Train Does

June 4, 2011

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By MIA REYES Staff Writer Published: October 2, 2008 This summer I encountered first-hand the frustration of commuting with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) while traveling every day to Rose Hill for work. The MTA became my constant companion for the summer, though the only constant thing about this companionship ...

Cell Phones and Subways: Students React to the New Commuter Privilege

May 28, 2011

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By Lea M. Anderson Contributing Writer Published: October 11, 2007 “Can you hear me now?” This question posed by Verizon Wireless commercials will no longer ring true for Fordham subway riders. The MTA recently announced a deal that will allow cell phone use in subway stations throughout the city. This September, the...

MTA Proposes Second Fare Hike in Five Years; Fordham Students React

May 26, 2011

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NEW YORK – The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is in talks to raise subway and toll fares by early next year. The fare hike is the only way to put the MTA “on a course of solid, long-term fiscal stability,” according to the MTA’s executive director, Elliot G. Sander. The discussion of a fare hike has some Fordh...

Blame it on the Train

May 24, 2011

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Subway Line Promises Little but Disappointment to Straphangers By Catherine Davis, Staff Writer Most of my experience with the C train has been limited to that of a bystander on a platform. I have ridden it on occasion, when my travels have taken me to Chelsea and beyond. But with the exception of about five stops, I am unsur...