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Students from National Islamic University march with locals in opposition to the CAA on Dec. 15, 2019, in New Delhi.The act promises equality but deliberately excludes Muslims.

An Unrecognizable India: Modi and Islamophobia

April 7, 2020

After Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election and Narendra Modi was reelected as the Indian prime minister in 2019, as an Indian American, the countries I associated most with my identity became completely unrecognizable.

Minimum Tolerance Does Not Count as Love

Minimum Tolerance Does Not Count as Love

September 17, 2019

For where black Muslims in America have to literally wear their religion on their sleeves to be assumed Muslims, anyone who looks vaguely Arab, regardless of their beliefs, wears “Muslim” on their skin.

A poster was provided afterwards on which students could write messages of their solidarity against the terror that befell New Zealand. One student wrote a hadith in Arabic, a saying of the Prophet Muhammed: “Ijtanibul ghadaba,” or

New Zealand: We All Must Join the Fight Against Islamophobia

March 16, 2019

While this act of terror occurred in New Zealand, we are all too familiar with acts of senseless hatred and mass killing in the United States, and around the country we have been standing in solidarity and grief with the rest of the world.

Muslim Prayer in Colleges

February 2, 2015

By ANNUNZIATA SANTELLI Staff Writer Published: January 30, 2015 When Duke University reversed its decision to publicly announce the Muslim call to prayer every Friday across their campus, it sparked much debate about whether or not an intellectual institution should be trying to foster religious tolerance among student...

Islamophobia Following Paris Attacks: Defending Only Favorable Speech Is Not a Defense of Free Speech

January 30, 2015

By GUNAR OLSEN Staff WriterPublished: January 26, 2015 Following the attacks on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, large numbers of Westerners have been emphatically defending the right to free speech. Though it's refreshing to see people defending free speech, this instance deserves scrutiny. It...

Thoughts on Islamophobia

May 24, 2011

America, You Got Your Mama’s Style, But You’re Yesterday’s Child To Me By Helen Lee, Staff Writer The best thing about America’s 200 year history of rabid nativism is that when I hear about instances of xenophobic sadism, I’m usually not particularly shocked, which is good for my sometimes difficult to manage stress...