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headshot of tong, student suing for free speech

Tong Sues Fordham Claiming His Right to Free Speech is Under Attack

July 31, 2020

Since declaring that he would fight the university’s disciplinary actions, Austin Tong's story has garnered national attention and received an outpour of support for his right to freedom of speech and to bear arms.

Roger Stone has resorted to insults based on race or gender and threats of violence when arguing against others. (COLIN SHEELEY/THE OBSERVER)

Is Roger Stone’s Hateful Rhetoric Still Free Speech?

November 16, 2017

Many moral issues are black and white to me, in that there is often an answer to which I am inclined...

Freedom of speech, a concept outlined in the Constitution, has been the subject of selective application on both sides of the political spectrum. (WASHINGTON STATE HOUSE REPUBLICANS VIA FLICKR)

Millennials Have the Wrong Idea About Freedom

October 12, 2017

By RIQARD PRLESI Contributing Writer Ever-growing and markedly territorial, the dominating “just...

(Photo Courtesy of Fordham University College Republicans' Facebook page)

McShane Issues Statement on Roger Stone Ahead of Speaking Engagement

October 10, 2017

At 5:01 p.m., Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J. issued a statement on Roger Stone's speaking engagement taking...

“Liberal” is Not Synonymous With “Open-Minded”

December 14, 2015

By BORONICA METALIAJ Contributing Writer Growing up in New York City, I attended fairly liberal schools filled with hipsters and rainbow flags ha...


The Global Rally Has a Right to Speak Too

October 27, 2015

WILL FLOYD Contributing Writer As I browsed Facebook, the “Global Rally for Humanity,” which ...

Snuff Films: When Freedom of Speech Goes Too Far

February 26, 2015

By ALEXANDER PARTRIDGE Staff WriterPublished: February 26, 2015 ISIS has become infamous across the world for its ruthless killings of hostages and recording it all on video. In late Dec. 2014, Jordanian pilot First Lt Moaz al-Kasasbeh crashed in ISIS-controlled territory and became their next victim. When demands were not me...

Freedom of Speech: How Much is Too Much?

Freedom of Speech: How Much is Too Much?

March 28, 2014

By TYLER BURDICK Staff Writer Published: March 28, 2014 The right of freedom of speech has been the focal point of one of the most important and long-lasting...