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I Have a Girlfriend and She Goes to Westchester, I Swear

I Have a Girlfriend and She Goes to Westchester, I Swear

February 19, 2020

I know the existence of the Westchester campus is highly questioned here at Lincoln Center, but you’re all wrong. You say there hasn’t been a sighting of a student or faculty member from Westchester in recent memory. Not true — I see my girlfriend all the time, she’s just too shy to introduce herself to anyone, that’s all.

SJP’s Win Is a Victory for All of Us

SJP’s Win Is a Victory for All of Us

August 25, 2019

This case should serve as a warning to Fordham’s administration: the balance of power is not so skewed in their favor that they can expect to get away with trampling student voices underfoot.

A poster was provided afterwards on which students could write messages of their solidarity against the terror that befell New Zealand. One student wrote a hadith in Arabic, a saying of the Prophet Muhammed: “Ijtanibul ghadaba,” or

New Zealand: We All Must Join the Fight Against Islamophobia

March 16, 2019

While this act of terror occurred in New Zealand, we are all too familiar with acts of senseless hatred and mass killing in the United States, and around the country we have been standing in solidarity and grief with the rest of the world.

Even after the pull-out, Jeff Bezos finds himself looking for a Plan B.

Amazon’s Pull-Out Couched in NYC’s Best Interest

February 19, 2019

Amazon’s Feb. 14 announcement that the company would cancel its plans was the happy ending New York never saw coming.

The United Nations released its climate report in October. It bodes poorly for the future of the globe.

Climate Change Is Worse Than You Think

November 14, 2018

To call this a climate catastrophe would be a gross understatement; even our most severe labels seem paltry when compared to the enormity of the issue.

Rethinking New York Elections

September 26, 2018

How is it that the voice of the people so often comes to be silenced? When we think of widespread voter disenfranc...