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Frank Pavone

Trump Creates a Schism in the Catholic Church

September 15, 2020

This election has and will continue to deepen fissures across American society, and Catholics will not be left unscathed.

A graphic of the Earth on fire

Warming Up to Biden

August 22, 2020

We need Biden to seize the moment he has been awarded to commit to progressive, comprehensive climate change policy.

graphic of international students not welcome on American soil

American Issues are International Students’ Issues

July 27, 2020

Sure, I’m not American, but this is the country I chose to invest my future in.

Coronavirus Graph

Republicans Are Losing the Coronavirus Battle

July 7, 2020

Once seen as the plague of liberal cities, the tide of the coronavirus has now turned.

a ZOOM screenshot of Professor Capers smiling

Fordham Law Holds Discussion on Race and Protesting Injustice

June 19, 2020

The Fordham Law School hosted a talk on Zoom entitled "Protest, Police Violence and The Pandemic." The event covered the protests and Black Lives Matter movement.

Protesters in Columbus Circle chanted

New Yorkers Demand Accountability Following Trump’s Acquittal

February 19, 2020

Following President Donald Trump’s acquittal by the Senate and conclusion of his impeachment trial, thousands of protestors responded by mobilizing at Columbus Circle, one block away from Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. The protest took place on Feb. 5 at 5:30 p.m. as a part of a larger campaign by “Reject The Cover-up,” a coalition of protest groups that joined together weeks before the Senate ended Trump’s impeachment trial without calling witnesses.

A Fordham Meme Legend: The Top 10 Funniest Trump Tweets

A Fordham Meme Legend: The Top 10 Funniest Trump Tweets

February 19, 2020

Scoring Trump's top 10 Fordham memes of all time, which, unlike his grades while at Rose Hill, we can share with you.

Pat Cipollone, Fordham College at Rose Hill '88, will have an integral role in the outcome of the impeachment trial, and, by extension, contemporary American history.

Fordham Alum Defends President in Impeachment Hearings

January 30, 2020

For only the third time in history, an American president is on trial after a formal impeachment inquiry. Representing Donald Trump on the Senate floor in one of the most scrutinized political trials in contemporary American history is Pat Cipollone, a Fordham University graduate. 

The controversy around Trump's impeachment proceedings continue to grow.

Impeachment Continues to Roll Ahead: Transparency is Key

November 13, 2019

Halloween got a little spookier for President Trump when the Democratic House of Representatives voted on Oct. 31 to formalize an impeachment inquiry into the president amidst allegations he engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukranian President Vladmir Zelensky.

They say you should never ask a woman her age, but what about a politician?

For the President and Hopefuls, Age Is More Than Just a Number

October 30, 2019

At 78 years old, Bernie Sanders has been endlessly campaigning through the states over the last few months. At such an old age, it’s a miracle that Sanders is able to keep up with the physical trials of the campaign trail.

Donald Trump is the subject of an impeachment inquiry put forth by his most vehement detractors, and questionable evidence.

Democrats Will Eat Crow With Goose Chase Impeachment Inquiry

October 16, 2019

With the current set of evidence, the only way Democrats have conjured up the idea of Trump withholding Ukranian aid is based on their view of the president who they clearly are not fond of. Impeachment is too serious of a process for it to be based solely on hearsay and poorly understood transcripts.

Fake Polls, Real Money

Fake Polls, Real Money

August 25, 2019

If President Trump cannot believe that the polls that show him in a negative light are at all accurate, his solution seems to be to create his own poll, which is rigged for him to win.