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(Courtesy of Marielle Sarmiento.

Student Gives Out “Socks in the City”

December 9, 2017

Every Saturday morning, Resident Freshman Mentor (RFM) Cat Fernando, Fordham College at Lincoln Cent...

Olivia LaBarge throws a pie in a volunteer's face for charity. (SAMUEL MCHALE/THE OBSERVER)

Clubs Unite for “Pies for Charity”

November 16, 2016

On Nov. 10, when many students were still taking in the largely unexpected presidential election results, ...

Volunteers from MSA will be tabling for donations every day for the rest of the fall semester and spring semester. (PHOTO BY ZANA NAJJAR/THE OBSERVER)

MSA Launches Project to Help Syrian Civilians

November 20, 2015

By GRACE THOMPSON Contributing Writer The Muslim Student Association (MSA), a student-run club at Fordha...

How Should We Approach Charity?

November 12, 2014

By ALEXA McMENAMIN Staff Writer Published: November 12, 2014 America sure loves a good food drive, especially in the winter. The same is true of clothing drives, or coat drives: you name it, I’m sure my K-12 school had it. It’s fun for little kids to go shopping and pick out things to donate, like little mittens and hats...

Three Ways You Can Get Involved Right Now

June 6, 2011

What Better Way is There to Evoke the Holiday Spirit Than Giving Back to Your Community? By Laura Marostica Staff Writer Published: December 11, 2008 It is high time to usher in the season of giving. New York City is decked out with lights and festivity, and everyone is eager to channel his or her inner Sa...