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Percent of worldwide blockchain deals of companies based in the U.S. and China, showing the U.S. at 51% and China at 2% of 2015 deals and the U.S. at 31% and China at 22% of 2019 deals

While the World Battles the Novel Coronavirus, China Is Transforming Into the Global Blockchain Leader

May 12, 2020

Technology undeniably plays an unstoppable, crucial role in our lives. The forefront superpower position will be inhabited by the most advanced nation.

Graphic illustration of an eye being scanned

Digital IDs, the Miracle Cure for a Lockdown Exit Strategy?

April 29, 2020

With the world arguing over potential exit strategies, slowly but surely digital identity solutions find their way into the debate in regard to immunity verifications.

Covid-19 encourages governments to look into digital forms of currency.

How the Novel Coronavirus Is Accelerating Central Bank Digital Currency Debates Worldwide

April 14, 2020

The era of paper money might be on its last legs. By pouring fuel into debates about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the digital form of a government-issued currency, the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating acceptance towards their economical and everyday life implementation.

As the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic increase Americans' reliance on technology, privacy becomes a relic of the past through Blockchain.

Blockchain’s Role in Battling the Novel Coronavirus

April 7, 2020

In light of the coronavirus, blockchain technology secures supply chains, validates information, disrupts corrupted systems and censorship and offers support for social distancing.

Last weekend, Dr. Lee W. McKnight frightened the crowd at a blockchain conference in the Law School. (CECILE NEIDIG/THE OBSERVER)

A Blockchain Reaction to the Internet of Things

May 7, 2018

Before Dr. Lee W. McKnight of Syracuse University graced the podium at the Blockchain Disruptor Confer...