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The Washington-based band, which includes two Fordham students, just released its second EP, Deep Sea Baby.

With New EP, Bleachbear Grows From Seattle Roots

October 30, 2019
Seattle based indie group, Bleachbear, consisting of Fordham students Emiko Gantt and Tigerlily Colley, drop new EP, "Deep Sea Baby."
Taylor Swifts 6th studio album is her first with Republic Records.

Ram Jams: Love, Hate or Indifference Toward ‘Lover?’

September 5, 2019
Brielle Cayer (Swiftie) and Paolo Estrella (non-Swiftie) find a number of masterful gems among more forgettable tunes as they discuss their mixed reviews of the album.
Ram Jams: The Big Day

Ram Jams: The Big Day

August 25, 2019
Despite the many artist features and professions of love for his wife, Chance the Rapper's "The Big Day" is a big flop.
Khalids newest album has tracks reminiscent of Jorja Smith, Kevin Abstract and Kali Uchis.

Ram Jams: Khalid’s Soul Shines on ‘Free Spirit’

May 8, 2019
Paolo Estrella reviews Khalid's "Free Spirit" in this installment of Ram Jams.
These five classes meet core and major requirements and are highly recommended for students, by students.

Five Classes to Take Before You Graduate

March 12, 2019
These five classes come heavily recommended by Fordham students as must-takes before you graduate.
Ram Jams — October 2018

Ram Jams — October 2018

November 14, 2018
twenty one pilots, LANY and Kero Kero Bonito all released solid albums in October.
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