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Regulated E-sports are being pushed on campuses across America. (Photo Courtesy of Artubvia/Flickr)

College Video Gaming Has No Place In Athletic Departments

December 4, 2015

The rise of competitive video gaming, often called e-sports, is happening in universities across the country. While e-sports are entertaining, they do not belong in university athletic departments. Gamers...

A different type of workout is the Alvin Ailey dance extension program (Tori Li/ The Observer).

Gyms are Boring: A Guide To Alternative Workout Methods

November 20, 2015

For the many Fordham University at Lincoln Center students who prefer to get out of a traditional gym setting while still getting in their day’s exercise, the Upper West Side has plenty to offer. A variety...

As more and more colleges begin to sell beer at football games, questions are being asked about whether the benefits outweigh the risks. (KIRSTIN BUNKLEY/ THE OBSERVER)

Beer Sales: A Hot Topic at College Football Games

November 7, 2015

The recent New York Times article “Beer Here! Beer Here?,” written by Marc Tracy, addressed the pros and cons of beer sales at college games. Tracy noted a number of universities, such as the University...

The Stressbusters App will inform students when health and wellness events are happening around campus. (Courtesy of Stressbusters app)

Fordham Introduces Health and Wellness App

October 22, 2015

Fordham now offers a health and wellness app through the national wellness program Stressbusters. Stressbusters is used by many colleges across the country, including New York University, St. John’s...

Pete Rose was a part of one of the biggest sports betting controversies in history. (Pedro Portal/El Nuevo Herald VIA TNS)

Sports Gambling would Compromise the Integrity of Sports

October 5, 2015

If New Jersey were to legalize sports gambling within its borders, it would set a precedent for other states to also legalize it.  Today, in all states except Nevada, sports gambling is illegal. There...

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