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American holidays tend to be materialistic when they should be about embracing our family’s traditions. (Ai Elo/The Observer_

Keeping It Traditional: Celebrating Christmas Without the Eggnog

December 7, 2011
The holidays are a time most people prefer to spend with their close family and friends. However, the idea of the commercialized American holiday sometimes gets in the way of the true meaning behind holidays like Christmas.
Kyle Morrison/The Observer

Thanksgiving Disasters and Surprises

November 16, 2011
Thanksgiving is an inherently awkward holiday. It’s like a starter holiday whose purpose is to get you into the holiday spirit, but there’s nothing really exciting about it.
Senator Patty Murray of Washington is one of just a few women trying to make a mark in the male-dominated Senate. (Erika Schultz/Seattle Times/MCT)

Female Politicians: The Underrepresented Majority

November 16, 2011
With only 17 women involved with the U.S. Senate, an assembly of 100, I feel severely underrepresented in government, and I have a feeling that it’s only going to get worse. But the real issue is whether or not the problem is the result of the female politician’s lack of interest or the male politician’s subtle discrimination.

Police Brutality Accompanies the Occupy Movement

November 2, 2011

  I became aware of Occupy Wall Street for the first time when a student mentioned it in my theology class. A classmate had insisted we join in the protest that had just begun downtown. The...

After 15 years, characters like Wendy, Kenny, Cartman, Kyle and Stan are familiar faces whose crazy antics have always entertained audiences.

The Future of South Park: Show’s Creators Like Causing Anxiety

October 19, 2011
The newest episode of “South Park” recently aired this fall after a summer-long hiatus and everybody who follows “South Park” (especially me) was really looking forward to it. Sadly, after last season’s finale, “You’re Getting Old” aired on June 8, fans were left stunned. In this episode of “South Park,” the writers hinted at one of their most iconic and important characters, Stan Marsh, was going to leave the show
McMahon Hall’s doors aren’t exactly friendly to those students who don’t have the means to pay outrageous housing prices. (Salma Elmehdawi/The Observer)

Are You Paying Too Much for Housing? You Certainly Are

October 5, 2011
I had been living in McMahon Hall for two years and all was well. That is until I realized I was paying ridiculous sums of money to stay on campus. And by ridiculous I mean so ridiculous that it caught the attention of the rest of the country.

Does America Really Need Fatima? Fordham Event Dialogue Faces Discrimination

September 21, 2011

My first impression upon hearing about the “Learning to Listen: Voices of Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church” dialogue held on Sept. 16 at Fordham University was that the dialogue needed to happen....

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