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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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Get Inspired with Attire for a Warmer Season

Get Inspired with Attire for a Warmer Season

May 2, 2012

With record heat waves as early as April, it seems like we might be skipping spring this year resulting in a three-season calendar. When it comes to schoolwork this abrupt welcoming of summer may be distracting,...

Graduating from a liberal arts university means that you’ll use your brain well after graduation. (Schmid/MCT)

Why Graduating with a Liberal Arts Degree Is Worthwhile

April 18, 2012

College offers a world of possibilities. You can live in a new city, make lifelong friends and most importantly, map out the essential steps to establishing your future career. Whether you want to...

Martin’s death has sparked national outcry, and protests have sprung up across the country in response. (Johnny Andrews/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)

Racial Injustice Permeates the Death of Trayvon Martin

March 28, 2012

Seventeen-year-old African American Trayvon Martin was on his way back to his father’s home from a 7-Eleven in Sanford, Fla., when he was shot in the chest and killed on Feb. 26. The shooter, neighborhood...

Urban Outfitters, a store that is considered hip, is one of the many retail stores that displays and sells clothing that harkens to the past. (Sara Azoulay/The Observer)

Modern Fashion Follows Old Trends Instead of Creating New Ones

February 22, 2012

While walking past a newsstand in the Columbus Circle subway station, a bright yellow Complex magazine cover caught my attention. It featured up-and-coming hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky and fashion design...

Public figures like Michelle Obama exemplify the qualities that should make for a true celebrity. (Olivia Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT)

True Heroes Go Unacknowledged in Celebrity Culture

February 16, 2012

As Fordham students, many of us are inspired by legendary and contemporary writers, artists and musicians, along with actors and dancers. Unfortunately, if I asked teenagers and young adults across...

Tie Your Autumn Outfit Together with the Perfect Scarf Choice

November 2, 2011

  Emi Hamo, GSB ’14: Although most people view scarves as a way to bundle up and avoid that nasty cold, a true fashionista or fashionisto uses a scarf to express individuality and keep their...

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